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My Sexy Saturday #MSS174

This week's "My Sexy Saturday" theme is "Rainy Afternoon".  Though it isn't raining, it's their first date and they spent a lazy afternoon in the Denver Art Museum, then took a rest on a bench out front. In this snippet from my newly released book, "Steele and Stone", Elle reads Michael's palm... 

“Let me see something.” She turned his palm up and began tracing her index finger up and down the lines in the middle of it.
“You’re a palm reader, too?”
“Not really, but I do know a little about it. See this line here? That’s your lifeline. No, it doesn’t mean how long you will live. It means your life’s purpose. Basically, whether or not you are focused or scattered. You are focused, but you already knew that. See how solid it is? And this one, this is your money line. I think we both know what that one says.”
“What does it say?”
“It says you’re dirt poor and miserable, you always will be, and there isn’t a charitable, kind bone in your body. You’re an insufferable jerk, for sure." She met his eyes and grinned. “Only kidding.”

Elle Thompson was raised in Denver. She paints. She hikes. She knows how to avoid cougar attacks.
The only cougars Michael Williams usually worries about are the ones that wear leopard print leggings on 5th Avenue.

But, when his acquisition firm sets its sights on Elle's family business, his tidy life goes awry. As things unravel, so do all his preconceived notions of love and what makes a perfect partner.

My Sexy Saturday ( ) has provided a great place for authors to showcase snippets of their works. 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs.

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Author Gwyn McNamee

At Midweek Escapes, we feature a new author each week to share with us their favorite vacation spots and some information about their books!

Welcome Author Gwyn McNamee.  Let's find out what she loves about FLORIDA!

I absolutely love to vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida.  I have been there half a dozen times as I have family who has a condo there.  The beaches are incredible—white sand and water so clear, you can see all the way to the bottom even when you are out to sea quite a bit.  At the beach we usually go to, dolphins will even swim up near you. 

PCB also has a ton of amazing restaurants and fun places to hang out.  There are restaurants and bars all up and down the beach and each one is kind of known for something different.  You can eat with your feet in the sand and watch the sunset at night over the water.  They also have some amazing cocktails down there that will really make your night enjoyable.  I’ve started collecting the keepsake mugs from different bars there just because they are so much fun.

I also love golfing and there are amazing golf courses all within driving distance of PCB, so I always bring my clubs.  Even in the winter, it is the perfect temperature down there to still do things outdoors. 

PCB will be a setting for a book I am planning for probably 2018 or 2019.

Title:  Savage Collision (A Hawke Family Novel)
Series and Book #: The Hawke Family Series #1
Author: Gwyn McNamee

Genre:  Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense/Women’s Fiction

Publisher:  self

Date of Publication:  September 1, 2016

ISBN: 9780997859

Number of pages:  435
Word Count:  97,000


The last thing I expect when I walk into The Hawkeye Club is to fall head over heels in lust. It’s supposed to be a rescue mission. I have to get my baby sister off the pole, into some clothes, and out of the grasp of the pussy peddler who somehow manipulated her into stripping. But the moment I see Savage Hawke and verbally spar with him, my ability to remain rational flies out the window and my libido takes center stage. I’ve never wanted a relationship—my time is better spent focusing on taking down the scum running this city—but what I want and what I need are apparently two different things.

Danika Eriksson storms into my office in her high heels and on her high horse. Her holier-than-thou attitude and accusations should offend me, but instead, I can’t get her out of my head or my heart. Her incomparable drive, take-no-prisoners attitude, and blatant honesty captivate me and hold me prisoner. I should steer clear, but my self-preservation instinct is apparently dead—which is exactly what our relationship will be once she knows everything. It’s only a matter of time.

The truth doesn’t always set you free. Sometimes, it just royally screws you.

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My blood is boiling and this man—Savage Hawke—has grated my last nerve. I can barely contain my desire to climb across his desk and smack him across his handsome, smug face for acting so high and mighty. He is a pussy peddler. A goddamn sleazebag who preys on young, impressionable, desperate girls in order to make a quick buck.

Savage Hawke.

He even has a porn star name. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was shooting them in some back room.

It’s too bad he’s so fucking gorgeous. He runs a hand back through his thick, wavy black hair and focuses his Caribbean-blue eyes on me with a calm that makes me want to throw my purse at him.

My traitorous body reacted to him instantly, heat churning deep in my belly the moment I walked into his office and saw him dominating the space behind his large, wooden desk.

The longer we talk, the worse it gets, and I have to press my thighs together to stop the dull ache there.

Damn, it has been way too long since I had a good fuck. What? Twelve days?

I’m so busy fuming and trying to rein in my runaway sex drive, I completely forget to respond to him.

“Ms. Eriksson,” he continues, giving me a smug smile, “I have a very rigorous interview process established to ensure none of my employees begin work here under any duress…”

I lift my brow in speculation and to ensure he’s aware of my disbelief. Bullshit! I bet their “interview process” involves lap dances and blowjobs in the champagne room.

“…Byron conducts a very thorough interview with each girl, including a complete background check to determine if they are under any serious financial strains. If I find they are, I typically offer them a personal loan, to be repaid at standard interest rates, to ensure they aren’t tempted to engage in pursuits some of the other clubs are often known for. We also do weekly drug testing and nightly breathalyzers, as our girls are forbidden from engaging in any illicit drug use and cannot perform while under the influence of any alcoholic beverages.”

I don’t believe him for a second. No damn strip club operates like that. He must think I’m some dumb, naïve, bimbo blonde to think I’ll fall for his line of horseshit.

He reclines back in his chair and waits for me to say something.

What does he expect me to believe? That he’s a pussy peddler with a heart of gold?

Author bio:

Gwyn McNamee is an attorney, writer, wife, and mother (to one human baby and two fur babies). Originally from the Midwest, Gwyn relocated to her husband’s home town of Las Vegas in 2015 and is enjoying her respite from the cold and snow. Gwyn has been writing down her crazy stories and ideas for years and finally decided to share them with the world. She loves to write stories with a bit of suspense and action mingled with romance and heat. When she isn’t either writing or voraciously devouring any books she can get her hands on, Gwyn is busy adding to her tattoo collection, golfing, and stirring up trouble with her perfect mix of sweetness and sarcasm (usually while wearing heels). An admitted shoe whore, Gwyn’s closet rivals Carrie Bradshaw’s and is constantly expanding.

Author website and social media links:

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My Sexy Saturday #MSS173

This week's "My Sexy Saturday" theme is "Sexy Becomes Her".  Confidence and intelligence can make a woman sexy! Well, in this snippet from my newly released book, "Steele and Stone", Elle asks Michael a question that ultimately causes him to re-evaluate everything he's been doing.  

“Yes, here you are, rubbing my calves and telling me all about the muscles and ligaments in my legs. Are you happy at your job?”

“Happy? I suppose I am. It pays well, and I have a pretty good life in New York, all things considered.”


“But well…like you said, here I am telling you I wanted to be a chiropractor.”

She sat up. “I think it’s time I go to bed.”

He stood up with her.

“Do you want to go to lunch tomorrow?” he asked abruptly.

Elle Thompson was raised in Denver. She paints. She hikes. She knows how to avoid cougar attacks.
The only cougars Michael Williams usually worries about are the ones that wear leopard print leggings on 5th Avenue.

But, when his acquisition firm sets its sights on Elle's family business, his tidy life goes awry. As things unravel, so do all his preconceived notions of love and what makes a perfect partner.

My Sexy Saturday ( ) has provided a great place for authors to showcase snippets of their works. 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs.

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Author Cynthia Vespia

Tenacious!  That's a good word to describe Cynthia.  I first met her a few years back (and she probably doesn't remember me from that day, ha!) when she was teaching a class on writing fight scenes for my local RWA group.  I was enthralled, and amazed.  She kicks butt and takes names, just like her characters do!  I hope you'll give her books a read!


There is no place on this earth quite like Hawaii…at least in my experience. Granted, there are a few destinations I’ve not yet traveled to that can probably rival the island’s beauty but for now my choice of favorite spot is Hawaii. It is a dream destination for a lot of people but you really don’t know how majestic it is until you experience it for yourself.

Right when you get off the plane the air is different, the sky is different, and you get an overall sense of peace. I stayed at Park Shore Waikiki which was literally steps from the beach, shopping, the Honolulu zoo, and more. There was even a Starbucks next door but it really wasn’t needed because the hotel itself supplied the most wonderful Kona blend I’ve ever tasted. The hotel staff was friendly, attentive, and helpful and they made my day by upgrading me to an ocean view room.

My days were spent mostly on the beach but when I did venture out the International Marketplace wasn’t far. I also found many great restaurants within walking distance either inside hotels, or as stand alone.

Being my first time in Hawaii I wanted the full experience so I had the activity coordinator set me up with a traditional luau. A short bus ride later I was on the most pristine white sand beach taking in activities like spear throwing and then the luau itself. I also experienced the Honolulu Zoo where the animals were so close you could touch them. If I’d had more time I would’ve explored more. The one place I wouldn’t recommend is the Polynesian Cultural Center. It’s a far ride and it wasn’t that interesting to see. But overall I always sum up the experience as being the most unique of any other place I’ve been, and that includes Italy!

In the words of The Terminator… “I’ll be back!”

Title: Demon Huntress: Destiny Unleashed
Series and Book # (if applicable): Demon Huntress Trilogy #1
Author/pen name: Cynthia Vespia

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Original Cyn Creative Services

ISBN: 1511777451

Number of pages: 240
Word Count: 55,000


Even the daughter of the demon hunter has to learn the ropes...

Khalen Calabrese refused to accept the title of Demon Hunter or the duty that went along with it. Instead, she chose a life of adventure as a pirate on the high seas. Freedom, fortune, and glory were hers until the past came calling. Infected with a family curse, and with minions from Hell at her back, time is running out. Now she must take up the title she never wanted before the darkness claims her.

Nothing is ever easy when you’re the hunter of demons.

Buy links:


The first time I saw the Padfoot it took the shape of a large white dog, a mongrel perhaps, with blood red eyes and a barrel chest. I heard the foul thing with its accursed chains scraping along the floor before it entered my chambers. It bolted me upright in my bed.

My father hadn’t left me much before his untimely death. What I did take with me came posthumously from the writings in his journals. As a great hunter of danger and demons he had charted his time tracking evil inside a leather bound book. There he dictated everything he and my mother came up against. The Padfoot had been mentioned in passing. Its ghostly presence showed up to the unsuspecting, in many different forms, as a warning sign. They say when you hear the chains it means trouble is on the way.

The Padfoot lumbered into the room but spoke not a word, merely stared at me with those red eyes and strings of saliva running from its burly teeth. I slipped naked from the bed, and Captain Robinson’s rough hands, and knelt before the creature.
When our eyes locked I knew immediately the Padfoot had come as my warning. Though what the warning was I did not know. The rose quartz crystal upon my neck burned my flesh until I ripped it off and tossed it across the floor. The Padfoot tracked it with his eyes and then looked back to me. Somehow the dog’s face shifted into the features of a man and just for a moment I thought I saw my brother Khalo staring back at me.

Fear drew me backwards and I crawled away from the Padfoot as fast as I could. It turned and walked back out of our chambers, its feet padding softly across the wooden floor and the wicked chains dragging behind it. I crawled back into bed with Captain Robinson which caused him to wake.

Immediately he began caressing my body. I wasn’t in the mood for his affections but I wanted to forget the Padfoot and the chill of a warning his presence caused within me. In essence I wanted to be anywhere but there in that reality and making love to Captain Robinson helped me to escape it. I’d used him for an escape for as long as I’d known him.

It worked. We ravaged each other like hungry animals. In time I knew nothing but the sensation of pleasure coursing over my body, his hands on my flesh, my lips upon his and my teeth gently biting his ears and neck.

Soon I slept. My slumber brought dreams that held dark and disturbing visions. Rivers of blood and torn flesh ran past me. I tasted the heavy iron of warm blood in my mouth. It was a fitful night and I woke with a start. Captain Robinson remained still next to me.

Daylight crept in through the cracks of the walls cascading light over our room. The heat of it felt particularly harsh upon my skin causing me to pull back into the shadows. As the sun illuminated our bed I noticed Captain Robinson’s eyes were wide open. I went to nudge him hoping he had just fallen into a sound sleep.

Unfortunately, he did not sleep…he was dead.

Not until now did I notice his hand clutching his throat and reminisces of blood dried upon a gaping wound. I recoiled and fell from the bed my mind spinning with wonder.
I looked down at my hands and found dried blood upon them as well and I knew at once it would match Captain Robinson’s own. My stomach churned with nausea. The Captain was dead and all evidence pointed to me being his killer. But I had no recollection of doing it. My worst fears were coming true.

None could know about this. If they found out I’d murdered the Captain I’d be hanged for treason. There was no more time to waste. Chances were the crew would be up and ready to leave port. I looked out the portcullis and my heart leapt in my throat for the second time that day.

The waters rippled beneath the Iron Maiden as it pitched along with fervor towards our next city to pillage. We were already moving. I had nowhere to hide, nowhere to turn. They would find me with Robinson’s corpse and without him around to protect me they would tear me limb-from-limb, but not before having their way with me.

I hadn’t shed tears since I was a little girl, since before my parents died. I didn’t shed any now either but I did feel the sting of loss. I enjoyed Captain Robinson’s company, even as slovenly drunk as he usually was. He had been the one man who came close to scaling the walls and reaching my heart. I’d learned a lot from him. I grew into a woman in his care. Now, like my parents before, he was gone and everything pointed to myself being the responsible party.

I needed to figure out what was happening to me and somehow I knew the presence of The Padfoot had been just the beginning. And Khalo’s face in my dream. What was he trying to tell me? I hadn’t spoken to my brother since we were children.

For all I knew the hazy mess of the dream had been driven only by pure intoxication and had nothing to do with Captain Robinson’s savage death. I couldn’t bear to look at his corpse any longer. His blood had drained causing his face to go gray but curiously I didn’t see any crimson stains upon the bedding.

Though I didn’t want to touch him, and the smell of his decomposing flesh turned my stomach, I moved closer to investigate. Small holes punctured the skin at his neck and the jugular vein beneath. No other wounds were visible, not even defensive marks upon his arms or hands.

Captain Robinson was too skilled to let someone get the jump on him, especially to inflict such an intimate wound. That only cemented my concern. I’d done it, there could be no other explanation. Except I didn’t remember doing it. I didn’t remember anything more than making love with him and then the terrible dreams. I almost wondered if someone had spiked my drink with hallucinogens.

I covered Robinson in the bedding and stood over him for what felt like an eternity. He’d been good to me when no one else had. I would never forget that. For now I needed to get off this ship to safety.

When Gryphant popped into my head I dismissed it at first. Upon thinking it through further I realized that going home made the most sense. I could find Paralay, he could help me. He knew everyone in that damned part of the world. Besides, staying on the ship would spell my death and I had no intention of seeing Captain Robinson again so soon.

Author bio:

Cynthia Vespia "The Original Cyn" writes speculative fiction that encompasses fantasy, the paranormal, and magic realism. Her characters are rich with detail and fabulously flawed which breathes life into them with a believability readers can identify with. Cynthia's creative worlds mesh together multiple genres which offers a cross-over appeal. Her novels are emotionally engaging, leaving hearts pounding and pages turning. She has been nominated for a "Best in Series" award for her fantasy trilogy Demon Hunter.
She has also turned her creative energy into Original Cyn Creative Services, an award-winning copy, design, and video source for the development of promotional content. With over a decade of experience her background has included feature writing for a variety of publications; web design; national marketing and promotional campaigns via print and copy; script writing; video trailers and montages for authors and entrepreneurs. Her creative work has won awards for "Most Artistic Trailer" Demon Hunter 2: Seek & Destroy; "Best Video" Bloodlines; "Honorable Mention" for Anti-Bullying Campaign, and a nomination for "Best Cover Design" Demon Huntress: Destiny Unleashed.
During her downtime she enjoys getting lost in a good book or movie, and keeping active through martial arts and weight training. 
Author website and social media links:

Official Site:
Creative Services:
Twitter: @cynfulcharm
Instagram: @cynfulcharm

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My Sexy Saturday #MSS172

This week's "My Sexy Saturday" theme is "My Sexy Stranger".  My novella "An Unexpected Knight" will be featured in the upcoming Anthology "Decades of Love" by Sin City Romance Writers group coming out on February 28, 2017.  It features a rekindled childhood romance, in a most Vegas/medieval setting of the fictitious Camelot hotel (based upon the Excalibur, of course).   

Here is the blurb for my story:

An Unexpected Knight

Sarah never expected to see Kyle again, let alone to have to work with him.
Kyle became a Knight, not guessing “the one that got away” would be the one he’d rely on each evening.

But, magic can still happen in King Arthur’s arena.

Love hits the jackpot in these six seductive tales, each set in a different 
decade in the hottest, wildest, most sinful of cities - Las Vegas.  In Elizabeth Spaur’s 
Miss Atomic Bomb, a beauty pageant brings a cowboyand city girl together.  
A desperate singer finds new hope with a not-so-jaded casino owner in 
B.A. McIntosh’s Home at Last.  In Lynn Crain’s, Hooked on a Feeling,  two Vietnam 
vets get a second chance at love while facing enemies at home.  A rodeo star falls 
hard for a showgirl in Diane Deeds’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.  In Kay Phoenix’s 
An Unexpected Knight, a hero on a mighty steed captures the heroine’s heart. 
A good girl learns that being bad can be very, very good in Tami Cowden’s 
It Happened One Vegas Night.
Mobsters and G-men, cowboys and showgirls, singers and dancers, 
and even a knight in shining armor all find that Sin City is not just a place to 
have fun – but  also a great place to fall in love. 


      My Sexy Saturday ( ) has provided a great place for authors to showcase snippets of their works.  7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs.

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Author Letisha Stanton

I'm happy to host one of my favorite gilrs, Letisha Stanton, this week!  When I first met her, her personality blew me away and I knew I had to get to know her better.  There's so much bubbling below the surface with her, and her books and stories can take you places you never dreamt.  She's full of surprises! 

My family and I love to vacation in Florida. There are the obvious areas that most people visit like Disney, Universal Studios, and Miami. We mostly visit these places when we are around other family members or trying to make the kids dreams a reality. We have family that live in Florida, so it isn’t hard to slip off and have a mini vacation there.

Our real Florida vacations, however, the ones I love the most, are the ones when we get to go out on the boat. There is something about being out in the open ocean, swimming, catching fish, lobsters, and scallops  that I just love. When we are out there, time ceases to exist. I love it when the sky is crystal blue and the water is too, when you can’t tell where the water ends and the sky begins. It’s finding a piece of my soul to be out there.



Destiny’s Purpose
The Destiny Series Book 1

Author/pen name: Letisha Stanton

Genre:  Historical Fiction

Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing

Date of Publication:  March 11, 2015

ISBN: 1612525865

Number of pages: 290
Word Count: 136,000 


Chasing a freedom as big as the Mexican sky, Destiny Grey finds himself on the run from a cruel and unjust system. There is a life to be had in Mexico, if he is able to withstand the brutal climates, the Renegade Natives, the unforgiving land, and his own heart. Trinity Jones doesn’t help his plight when she shows up wild and half beaten to death. Unable to ignore her suffering, he decides to rescue her from her captors, and from the prison of her own mind. Soon he discovers, however, that she is the one who will rescue him.

Buy links: 


Trinity tossed the saddle aside and stormed over to him, this time standing on eye level with him since he was still sitting down. She put one hand up on her hip and one finger in his face.
"I know this man you have become is not the man I know you want to be. You are not even the same man who rescued me. What happened to you? How did you become such a coward?" she asked again.
He was tired of hearing that too. "You want to know what happened to me," he yelled. "You want to know what happened to me! You happened to me! I was dead when I met you! I was gonna deliver Jolene here, see her settled into a more secure life with a new husband, and then I was gonna fade away! Then you come along and I see you fightin' for yo life when you should be dead and it tore me apart! I saw another dead soul like mine only I knew you could fight for yo life. You survived when you shouldn't have ... I shouldn't survive," he finally stopped and shook his head.
"You've done somethin' to me and I can't undo it," he continued. "I want to push you away. I want Jolene to find a proper husband. I want things to fall into their rightful place so I can turn to dust and join Judith..."
He stopped talking as Trinity lowered her finger from his face and looked at him. She looked so vulnerable. "I don't deserve you in my life," he said honestly.
Trinity looked at him in a way she had never done before. The tender regard in her eyes nearly broke him. It was as if she really understood what he was trying to say, for the first time. She brought her hand up toward his hair and he flinched.
"Don't," he warned as he looked away from her. "I need to keep my distance."
She shook her head. "No. You don't," she responded. She was about to touch him again when he rose from his chair and nearly tipped it over as he backed away. She did not follow him.
"I never asked for you, Trinity," he said, looking at her small trembling frame.
"Do you know what I have thought all these months?" she asked him as she let her arm drop to her side.
He closed his eyes and shook his head. He tried to conjure an image of Judith but she was not there. Not even the ugly yellow nightgown would come to mind. All he could see was a scarred body he had kissed everywhere.
"I have been thinking all these months you saw my scars and then didn't want me anymore," she confessed. His eyes flew open at that statement and he saw a tear make its way down her face. He tried to keep the same refrain he had before, tried not to feel her, see her, but he couldn't do it.
He closed the distance between them in a few strides and picked her up into his arms. "How could you be so beautiful and ever think a man wouldn't want you," he asked smoothly.

Author bio:

I sometimes feel that as people experience a little bit of success, they tend to pull away from their readers. Sometimes it is out of necessity. There is so much going on with promoting, blogging, tweeting, and website building, it is dizzying. But I am also a person that does the laundry and makes fabulous dinners and takes my kid to gymnastics.  I have been writing for over seventeen years and my desire is as much the same today as it was way back then. I write for the readers. I will never get so busy that I forget that. I write these for you so that hopefully it will give you some encouragement or laughter or joy. Life is hard, and for me, reading is like my chocolate break from reality. I pray that is what you experience as you read these novels. 

Author website and social media links:

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Author Michelle C. Reilly

I'm excited to host my good friend, Author Michelle C. Reilly, as the first Midweek Escapes guest.  I've known Michelle for a few years now, we've attended conferences together, and she's been an outstanding critique partner.  She's an inspiration!

So, let's travel to PARIS with her!

I’ve traveled and lived all over the world. Of all the places I’ve been, I’d have to say Paris is my favorite. I’ve been there only twice, but while there, I feel as if I’m home. Perhaps I’ve lived there in a previous life… Who knows? Haha. There is so much history there. The city is huge, but the Metro makes getting to places easy.

If you’re planning on traveling there, where you would like to stay depends on your budget. Unless you have a great amount to spend, plan on your hotel room being small. The buildings there are old compared to the United States, and the rooms were made smaller at that time. I did stay at a hostel during one of my trips there, and I have to say it wasn’t bad at all. And inexpensive (about $59/night for two people, and breakfast was included). If you are planning to travel there, I highly suggest planning out and obtaining as much of your venue tickets in advance as you can. It’s often less expensive this way and can help with ensuring you’re not visiting during a holiday and the place is closed.

My favorite place to visit is Versailles. It’s outside of Paris and is reached via an easy train ride. It’s amazing to see the actual bedding used by Marie Antoinette. The corner room at the end of the Hall of Mirrors (just prior to entering Marie Antoinette’s bedroom chamber) has dates etched into the glass of the mirrors from past visitors – from the 1800s! Make sure to visit the grounds of the palace as there are many fun and excited discoveries to be found!

As for food… Well, there are numerous places to eat. But I suggest, if you can, traveling away from the touristy areas and find restaurants off the beaten path. They’re less expensive and always fun. For the Metro, make sure to study the maps prior to going. I’ve found the locals to be very helpful when wondering which train to take. However, be careful while taking the underground walkways from one station to another. Pickpockets are common. Don’t hold your cash all in once place and make sure it’s hidden. This goes for anywhere you travel, not just in Paris.

So far Paris hasn’t played a role in my books, but I do have a character that I know is from there. His story will come out one day. And it’s a good one! J
Me in the Paris Catacombs with my copy of Darynda Jones’ Fifth Grave Past the Light.

My son, Alex, and I in front of the Seine.

Panoramic photo of Marie Antoinette’s bedroom chamber.

My son, Alex, and I on the top level of the Eiffel Tower. We were lucky enough to (unknowingly) visit the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day (July 14th) in 2013. While at the top of the tower, jets started flying past us streaming blue, white, and red streams of smoke, and helicopters hovered nearby. It was amazing!

Me at The Louvre standing in front of my favorite painting by David. It’s from after Napoleon crowned himself Emperor and he was crowning his wife, Joséphine.

I love this house. We had just visited Sacré-Cœur in the 18th arrondissement in Paris and found this jewel while exploring the area further.

Series and Book #: The Anathergians Trilogy, Book 1
Author/pen name: Michelle C Reilly

Genre:  Science Fiction/Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Indy

Date of Publication:  June 2014

ISBN:  1500364487

Number of pages: 280
Word Count:  92k


Sworn to Protect the Very People Bent on Destroying Them
Auden, the king of the immortal Anathergian race, came to Earth five thousand years ago when he and his people escaped from their destroyed planet.  His power is immense, but is threatened because he has yet to take a Lifemate.
With the blood of an Anathergian and a witch running through her veins, Leah is a force to be reckoned with. After leaving her foster family to learn how to master her new-found powers, Auden finds her.  With him, she discovers her heritage, her strength, and her love.
An Anathergian is using variant strains of his DNA to turn humans into Anathergians.
This enemy’s goal: use the Variants to take over the world and take Auden’s place as king.
Auden and Leah’s goal: Stop the enemies and discover what connections Leah has with them.

Buy links:

Excerpt from Chapter 4:

He stood inside the entrance as the doors closed behind him. His gaze was drawn to a slim calf covered in black denim hanging over the arm of a wing back chair facing the desk. A black Converse shoe bounced up and down. Then a dark head with gray eyes peeked at him from around the edge of the chair. The girl’s near-black straight hair was cut at an angle where it touched the tip of her chin on one side of her heart shaped face and ended at mid ear on the other side.

He took a step forward, ready to reach for her. It was an instinctive reaction and one he had never done before. He held himself still.

His insides sang to the tune of another like him. Oh, yes, she is most definitely of Anathergian blood.
With reddened cheeks, she twisted away.

Marla reached her desk. Glancing from Auden to Leah, she gestured toward the girl. “Auden, please meet Leah.”

The girl gave a halfhearted wave at him from beyond the chair. Auden raised an eyebrow at Marla. The woman’s brow creased and she shook her head, her curls bobbing against her cheeks. “Leah, have manners, if you please.”

“I waved hello, didn’t I?” said a sulky voice from the seat.

Marla’s mouth went tight, and then she motioned for Auden to come forward. He approached the side of the desk to get a better view of the girl.

She was slight, but not too thin. Her long, shapely legs, emphasized by the tight jeans, seemed to go on for days. Her short-sleeved fitted black t-shirt had a drawing of a face with Xs for eyes. His gaze stopped at her pert breasts that stood from the shirt for a moment. When he realized where his stare had strayed, he brought his perusal higher. A pale, sateen neck gave way to a stubborn jaw line. Parted wine lips made his throat parched. Her straight nose was almost too big for her face, but it went well with her angled chin. A gunmetal glare shot sparks at him and she bounced her leg to an agitated tune. It was apparent she was not happy about her current situation. He could commiserate, but it didn’t mean he would give into her rancor.


Leah scrutinized the man who, according to Marla, had come to bring her to his people for training. He was someone Marla trusted and the training would help her grow. As if. Leah already had people to train her. Here, at Sanctuary. She didn’t need his people. And what could his people teach her she hadn’t already excelled at?

She tilted her head back and glared at him, giving him her best As if I care look. But, jeez, was he huge! Holy crap, he could probably take down a bull without using a horse or rope. His eyes were as dark as the deepest depths of the ocean and churned with as much life as those seas. She idly wondered what treasures were hidden there. When Leah studied his face, she thought of exotic Egyptian pharaohs. He wore a black, long-sleeved buttoned shirt made of a soft material that kissed his muscles like a lover. His jeans molded to his muscular thighs and extended over black boots.

His gaze gave her a once over so thorough she had to subdue the urge to squirm. Instead, she notched her chin higher. When he continued to scrutinize her, she said, “You can stop staring.”

Marla’s intake of breath sent a small pang of guilt through Leah’s chest, and she sent the woman a quick apologetic look. Glancing back at Auden, she noticed a slight lift at one corner of his mouth. She covered her own twitching smile and instead showed a sudden interest in the wood beams lining the ceiling.

“What have you told her?” His baritone timbre made Leah think of swimming in a serene lake with cool water surrounding her. It calmed her.

“I told her we have known each other for quite some time and I trust the training she will receive with you will be beyond reproach,” answered Marla.

Irritated, Leah let out a small harrumph. “I’m sitting right here. Please don’t talk about me as if I’m not right in front of you.”

“Oh,” he regarded her up and down, “do you wish to join the conversation?”

That’s it! After the morning she had, she wasn’t going to let this guy push her around. She stood, taking fast steps toward him. “Do I wish to join the conversation? You”—she pointed at him—“bet I do! Why am I going with you? What type of training can you give me”—she pointed a thumb at herself—“that I can’t learn here?” She gestured with her hands indicating the school. “What makes your people”—she poked her finger into his chest and became even more annoyed because he didn’t even flinch—“so much better than the people I have here?” She indicated the school again.

“Leah, this is unacceptable behavior,” interjected Marla, her voice high with angry disappointment.
Auden, who hadn’t moved a muscle during Leah’s tirade, spoke to Marla. “It’s fine, Marla. I can handle this.”

Handle? Handle? Seriously?” Leah sputtered. “Do you think you’re just going to ʻhandle’ me?” She made quotation marks with her fingers.

“Right, then, I’ll leave you to it,” Marla said to Auden and headed toward the double doors.

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