Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Sexy Saturday

This week...let's explore something dark and creepy.  Creepy can be sexy...and dreams can provide all kinds of psychological insight into a character.  In this scene from my paranormal WIP "Under the Granite Lies", Lauren dreams of someone who left an impression on her at a masquerade party. 

But, is it really a dream?

     “Lauren…”  I heard again.
     I took a deep breath and walked toward the front door of the cabin, opening it and peering out into the darkness.  White tendrils of mist snaked out toward me from the thick grove of pine trees.  I stood in the doorway as the misty fingers enveloped my legs, caressing them, beckoning me to the woods.  I obeyed.
     I stepped cautiously towards the edge of the woods and paused.  There was a shaft of light reaching down from the moon toward something in the center of the patch of woods.  I took another deep breath and stepped between the trees.  My feet were bare, yet I couldn’t feel the ground under my feet as I walked, the mist provided a smooth plush carpet beneath each step. 
     Whispers echoed between the trees as I walked.  It could have easily been a breeze, but I knew it was not.  I could feel eyes on me, from every angle, like daggers as I walked closer to the beam of light.  The whispers on the wind grew louder the closer I got to the light and it seemed as if the  trees were closing in around me.  I imagined sinister hands reaching out for me as they had for Snow White when she ran through the woods.
     A hush fell as the trees opened to reveal the same stump I had seen there before, with the beam of light focused on it.  But covering the stump was the cloth. 
     I knelt, the tendrils of mist snaking up my body, intertwining in my hair and lifting it around me like Medusa’s snakes.  The only sound was a hushed hum through the treetops.  I reached out and took a corner of the cloth, slowly pulling it down.  Like silk, it slid silently off the stump, revealing the wolf mask staring back at me with empty eyes.  I couldn’t help but wince, expecting to be pounced upon at any moment by the unseen forces in the trees.  I picked up the mask and held it in my hands, looking into the hollow eyes. 
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