Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Name Is...

What is a name?  Is it all just pure ancestry?  A label?  A definition?
What does it mean if you meet someone with the same name as you?  Names are common, but some aren’t as common as they might be.  What are the chances that your circle collects names that are similar?  Pretty slim.  So, when it happens, you sit up and pay attention.  It’s disquieting to know that there can be such a similarity of letters between strangers.   
Names.  Little badges.  Signposts pointing behind you.  A title that might define your life.
Yet, a name doesn’t belong to one person.  It belongs to everyone that has it, and everyone that doesn’t have it. 
My name may as well be something unpronounceable, or even a symbol.  Prince (one of my favorite musicians) was on to something.   So was the character “Madison” in the movie Splash.   Her real name was a series of sounds. 
Names are meaningless.  The only value is what we attach to them.