Friday, March 28, 2014

Challenging Yourself

     Life often presents us with choices.  Well, to be honest, every day we are presented with a myriad of choices.  What to have for breakfast, what to wear, etc.  But, I’m talking about the major, life changing choices, or so they seem to be to us at the time.  In reality, they aren’t that dramatic.  Life goes on no matter what choices we make.  The clock keeps ticking, the rooster still crows (might be a different rooster though), and the tides still rise and fall with precision.
     So, why are these choices so difficult?  It’s our own fault that we make them difficult.  But, in the end, no one has to live with the choices that you make except for you.  So be gentle with yourself, contemplate, allow yourself to make mistakes, even HUGE mistakes.  In the grand scheme of things, it will all even out.  In the mean time, just breathe.