Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Where have I been?

     Hello world!  I'm alive!  I've been absent from my blog a few months wading through life.  My son started kindergarten in fall and he's had a challenging year, which in turn means I've had a challenging year as well.  He will always come first in my life and my writing can sit on the backburner. 

     I have found time to work on my new story though and it's been fun.  Here's a blurb...

The Zookeeper
(Full Length - contemporary single title)

Elizabeth Tanner was raised in a Zoo.  Literally.  But now that Zoo is in danger, not only from falling ticket sales, but also from a mysterious illness afflicting the animals. 

Frank Adams, the newest Animal Care attendant, spent time behind bars himself. 

But, in this Zoo, even the strongest bars can’t hold back the truth. 

And the truth will be set free.