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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Author Diane Deeds

One of my favorite, and most surprising, travel destinations has to be Colorado Springs. The surprise element comes from how much there is to do. There is truly an activity to please everyone in the family, young and old. When we last visited, we had three generations in tow with varying physical abilities, and everyone was able to participate in all we did. And the weather is always beautiful, with an average 243 sunny days annually. Plus, I loved the small-town atmosphere with quaint stores and restaurants.

A popular activity with my family was taking the Cog Railway to the top of Pike’s Peak. This little train chugs its way over 14,000 feet to the summit. Along the way, we viewed various wildlife and flowers, as well as the occasional sturdy hiker. The views from the top are spectacular.

An inspiring stop is the Olympic Training Center, which is a beautiful facility for our Olympic contenders to train. For those of us who’ve never been to the Olympics, it gives insights into what a real Olympic Village is all about. The pool is impressive, being larger than any I could have imagined. The kids loved climbing through the Olympic rings.

Another must-see spot nearby is the Royal Gorge Bridge, the highest suspension bridge in the U.S. As you walk across the bridge, you can feel its movement, which can be a bit disconcerting. There is also a gondola that runs across the gorge. It was great fun to look down and watch kayakers brave the Arkansas river rapids. If you’re brave enough, you can also bungee into the gorge or zipline across. Uh, no, didn’t do that. However, we did do something called the Incline Railway, which takes you from the top of the gorge to the bottom, and is loosely named, if you ask me. It’s more of a white-knuckle, gee-I-hope-this-thing-doesn’t-crash, gravity-defying trip to the bottom. Okay, it’s actually pretty tame, but I don’t do thrill rides. Yes, I’d do it again.

Probably the most awesome area in Colorado Springs is called Garden of the Gods, which is listed as a National Natural Landmark. It contains beautiful and colorful rock formations. One great place for a nature walk.

If you’re looking for other activities, I highly recommend the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, hiking the Seven Falls, touring the U.S. Air Force Academy, and the Will Rogers Memorial Shrine. Like I said, there’s so much to do in Colorado Springs.


Title: Love for the Holidays (my story, “The Little Chapel of Abiding Love”)
Author/pen name: Diane Deeds

Genre:  Romance

Publisher: Sin City Romance Writers

Date of Publication:  Nov. 3, 2017

·         ISBN-10: 0998672157
·         ISBN-13: 978-0998672151

Blurb:  (for Book) Love is always in the cards with Love for the Holidays. Las Vegas temperatures are cold in December, but the heat from these seductive holiday tales will keep you warm. Whether the hero is a casino owner, executive, playboy, or rancher, they’re no match for the ladies of Vegas, when Christmas magic is in the air

(For my story) 
When a Las Vegas resort owner encounters the screenwriter who left him at the altar nine years ago, can he forgive her? It’s Christmas at the Little Chapel of Abiding Love, where forgiveness comes with the season.

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It’s common knowledge things in Las Vegas blow up. Jeci knew it all too well. In her short thirty-year lifespan, she’d seen some great hotels be blasted to smithereens. The Bowles family had made an outing of it when the Dunes went down in ninety-three. Daddy was alive then. Jeci recalled him taking her by the hand and pulling her away from the rolling cloud of debris created when the building caved in upon itself.

Imploded. That’s what they called it. Crumbled from the inside out leaving only an empty shell, which, too weak to stand on its own, collapsed in upon the wasted fragments of its former self.
She could relate.

As she drove past the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, she almost turned the car around. Then she remembered there was nothing to go back to.
On a typical visit, she’d never drive the Strip. There were too many stoplights, and the gawking tourists slowed things down. Today, something compelled her to take the slow route toward her mother’s house.

The Bellagio had risen to take the place of the Dunes. The Sands, the Aladdin, the Desert Inn were all gone, replaced by larger, more modern hotels with more alluring names; the Encore, the Aria, Palazzo and Cosmopolitan. Everything was bigger, more upscale.

She headed north, not concentrating on the destination, but her heart beat faster with every block closer to the scene of her crime. Maybe it wouldn’t be there any longer. Maybe.

Who was she kidding? Wasn’t she trying to distract herself from turning her head toward the opposite side of the street?

She strived not to look, but the urge to see the hotel was too strong. As she stopped at the light, she glanced up to view the Hotel Eterna. His hotel. The southwest sunlight gleamed from its face like a beacon, momentarily hypnotizing her. The entrance curved outward like arms beckoning her toward the glass entry doors. The whole place could have been hers. Theirs.

A tall, fit man in a dark suit exited a limousine in front of the hotel. It looked like—no, it couldn’t be Tait Ellison. The figure shielded his eyes glancing out toward the street and seemed to strain to see who drove the Bentley. Of course, he’d recognized her car. How many powder blue Bentleys are cruising the Strip?

An obnoxious horn sounded behind her, making her jump. The light had changed, so she proceeded through the intersection.

On the opposite side of Sahara, the Stratosphere stood as always, shooting toward the Las Vegas sky on its three spindly legs. How would they ever implode it and what would that look like? If the entire building fell over instead of inward, it wouldn’t hit anything of any importance.
Except for one thing.

One tiny unobtrusive building wedged between a dilapidated apartment building and what was now a bail bond office. The Little Chapel of Abiding Love.

The car seemed to steer itself into the lot, where she parked facing the entrance. It was just as she remembered, a cute little white cottage with a blue painted door and rose bushes on either side. Except now, white twinkle lights outlined the building’s roof, and a balsam wreath with a red bow decorated the door. Pain radiated throughout her chest, and she couldn’t manage to suck in a breath, as though she were—imploding.

Author bio:

When Diane Deeds answered the call to write, the characters in her head remained on call-waiting for many years. She is excited to commit their thoughts to paper before she is committed.  Diane relocated decades ago to the heat and bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada to thaw out after many winters in New York. She resides with her first and only husband , their college-aged daughter, and three spoiled rescue cats.

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