Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dear Mr. Sun

Last Saturday was Summer Solstice, so I decided to a write a little letter to the sun.  As you can tell, the 105 degree heat in Las Vegas was getting to me.  But, I'm sure the Sun can forgive me. 

Dear Mr. Sun,
     I wrote your brother, the Moon, a letter not so long ago.  I like him better than I like you, by the way.  You aren’t as gentle as he is. 
     We’re always told not to look at you directly.  Why so shy, Mr. Sun?  What have you to hide?  Certainly, you don’t help us hide anything.  No, you point out our faults for all to see, garish and loud.  There’s no mistaking something when you point it out, nothing is lost in the shadows.  You bring full attention to every detail, as if it were your business.  You’re nosier than your brother.  You’re a tattletale!  We can look at the moon without fear.
     You see, the problem with you, Mr. Sun, is that you think that you are the one with all the power.  Sure, you give us warmth, you help the plants grow.  But, without your brother, the one that I like better, you would be useless.  Your brother casts a lighter, gentler glow on everything.  He doesn’t burn his friends, like you do.  His light reveals the same things that your does, but he makes them beautiful whereas you just make them …lit.  He pulls the oceans, he guides us.
     So, Mr. Sun, I’m sure I’ve gotten on your bad side…which is the same as your good side, isn’t it?  I’m not afraid of you, you’ve burned me before and you will again.  You’ve blinded me too.  You’re a pompous jerk. 
A Moon Fangirl.