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Michelle C. Reilly

Savage Winds
Savage Winds
Book One
Michelle C Reilly

Genre: Time Travel Romance

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication: February 28, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-5092-1938-4
ISBN: 978-1-5092-1937-7

Number of pages: 426
Word Count: 109,365

Cover Artist: Kristian Norris

Tagline: War, Pirates, Nor The Savage Winds of Time Will Keep Them Apart

Book Description:

Ana Salvatore, a marine biologist, wants nothing more than to have an independent life free of her mobster family. While on an excursion in the Bermuda Triangle with her uncle, his boat explodes, and she wakes to find herself in the arms of gorgeous Captain Jacen Stirling on an ancient ship. It's like a fairytale, until he tells her the year is 1814.

Jacen is on a secret mission for General Andrew Jackson to infiltrate the infamous privateer Jean Lafitte’s encampment to determine his loyalties. When he discovers Ana while on his way to meet Lafitte, he can’t decide if she’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to him, or the best.

As the Battle of New Orleans draws nearer, can Jacen and Ana work together to help their country beat the invaders? Or will the British, the war, or the savage winds of time keep them apart?


The latch lifted and Captain Jacen Stirling entered. When he turned to shut the door, she noticed the captain’s own pants had the same double rows of buttons hers had. She made eye contact and found him staring at her with a stone face. Her mouth dropped open, and she stuttered as she realized he’d noticed where her gaze had been.
“I was… It’s your pants… And mine, too. They’re, like, really old-fashioned.”
He glanced down at his black britches. “My trousers aren’t, I admit, at the height of the Parisian
fashion standards, but since we are currently at war, I believe priorities are in order.”
She blinked. “I know I’ve been busy finishing up my doctorate, but I hadn’t realized things had become
so much worse in the Middle East that they’ve affected fashion trends.”
“The Middle East?”
“Uh huh.”
“Do you speak of war? In the Middle East?”
“Uh, yeah… The last time I checked. Why? What war are you referring to?”
He stood taller. “I speak of war with Great Britain and their continued efforts to prove our young country isn’t valiant enough to stand on its own.”
“Uh huh,” she muttered. Is he off his meds? “Great Britain, huh?”
He gave a curt nod.
“So, you’re, like, talking Revolutionary War?”
“That war ended some time ago. I speak of our current situation that began in 1812.”
“1812?” She suddenly felt like she was watching the final round of Wimbledon and each opponent kept
gaining the edge to win, only to lose it again. “As in one-eight-one-two?”
“No,” he scoffed. “As in one-nine-one-two. What bloody year did you think I was referring to?”
“Oh, you know, nothing like referring to a war that took place over two hundred years ago,” she said dryly.
He froze, and the edges of his lips rose in a grin. “Two hundred years ago? What year do you think this is?”
“I don’t know… Maybe 2017?”

About the Author:

Michelle C. Reilly is a single mom of two wonderful boys. She spent ten years in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman Preventive Medicine Technician, which meant she was actually attached to or stationed with the U.S. Marine Corps. She has a Masters in Science in Public Health, but she is generally an IT geek and a nerd of many other things as well. She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, with her two cats, Meowdy and Moose, and her labradoodle, Sophie.

She’s self-published the Anathergians Saga, science-fiction/paranormal romance and suspense stories that revolve around a powerful alien species who landed on Earth over five thousand years ago. SAVAGE WINDS, her venture into time romance, was picked up by The Wild Rose Press.

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Author Tani Hanes

Farraway Mist
Tani Hanes

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: November 17, 2017


Number of pages: 210

Word Count: 87,210

Tagline: Can she fall in love with a haunted man?

Book Description:

Scout Lawson is fleeing an unhappy past, and thinks she's run as far as she can from Yale University when she lands a job restoring a library in Cornwall, England for reclusive rock star George Wilder, who dropped out of sight after the death of his beautiful wife the year before.

As soon as she arrives at his estate, Farraway Mist, however, strange things start to happen. As the couple's feelings for each other grow, the events become more harrowing, until everything they hold dear is in peril.

Excerpt 1:

She walked over next to the window so she could examine the binding of the book she held in the light. He leaned over curiously, trying to see what she was looking at.
As they bent over the book together, the curtain rod gave one warning rattle and crashed down, catching Scout across the forehead, opening up a flap of skin as she smashed her head on the sill.
George yanked the curtain and the offending rod off of Scout as the dogs scurried for cover.
"Scout! Scout! Are you okay?"
She blinked up at him from the floor, nodding, trying to focus. She raised a hand to her temple, but George grasped it and held it away, shaking his head.
"No, don't touch, there's blood," he murmured. Blood?
Jess and Bandit came back, sniffing at her worriedly, making her smile in spite of the circumstances.
"Make sure none of the blood gets on the books," she said, carefully placing the book up on the windowsill.
George smiled at her words as he helped her up.
"Well, I intend to have some very strong words with my staff about how they replaced the curtains after they cleaned them," he said as he led her from the room.
"You have a staff?" Scout said asked in an amused voice.
"Well, okay, I guess 'staff' is rather a grandiose word for Alfred and Sunil from the village," George admitted. Scout was surprised at how relaxed and friendly George sounded. It was a different side to the silent and kind of sarcastic, frightening person she'd met earlier.
They entered what looked like a guest bathroom, and George sat her down on the counter next to the sink so he could delicately dab at a fairly bloody but not deep gash on her temple with a bit of tissue, much to her embarrassment. The dogs hovered and watched.
"I can do this myself," Scout said, laughing.
"Don't be silly," George said, holding the tissue out of reach when she reached for it. "What if you were to become faint at the sight of your own blood and pass out cold, falling off the counter in the process?" He stopped talking so he could look in her eyes, staring from about an inch away. He could feel her warm breaths on his face, and backed up a little.
"When I was ten I rode into a mailbox on my bike while I was turned around yelling something to my friend Kenny, and I had to push my bike home for nearly a mile with my lip torn away from my cheek. It was over an inch long," Scout said conversationally. "I had to hold the skin closed the whole way. I needed seven stitches. You can still kind of make out the scar, see? I was fine, honest."
But George insisted, and Scout finally gave up and let him minister to her, drawing in little hissing breaths as the antiseptic touched the raw wound. He finally stepped back, blowing on it. "Okay, all finished. I think you'll survive. And you might even have another romantic scar."
He looked critically into her pale blue eyes. "Do you have double vision or anything?
I'm a bit concerned about concussion, if I'm honest. I wonder if I should have a doctor out here to examine you?"
"No, I'm sure I'm fine," Scout protested. "Not feeling sleepy?" George persisted.
"Well, a little, but that's probably just jet lag, don't you think?" Scout said. "I promise I won't fall asleep."
George looked at her.
Scout hopped down off the counter and stood before him, a slight figure, standing straight.
George finally nodded.
"How about this, then?" George proposed. "We'll make some coffee, go sit down, and talk until dinner. If you seem fine, that is to say if you're not drowsy or slurring your words or anything, then no doctor, okay?"
Scout nodded too. "Okay," she agreed. "I guess you wouldn't want anyone dropping dead in your beautiful house," she joked.
Oh fuck.
He just looked at her for a moment before leaving the bathroom. She took quick steps and put a hand on his arm.
"I'm so sorry, Mr. Wilder, I really am. I'm always shooting off my mouth and waiting for my brain to catch up," she said contritely.
He looked at her hand, then her eyes before giving her a small, crooked grin. "It's all right." He took a few steps before turning back.
"And Scout?"

She looked at him. "Please call me George."

About the Author:

Tani Hanes was born in Yokosuka, Japan. She spent the first few years of her life traveling back and forth between Japan and the US, making the permanent move to the Central Valley of California when she was five. She visited family in Japan on a regular basis, and attended college in Tokyo for one year at ICU before getting her degree in Language Studies from UC Santa Cruz. She has two children, and was a substitute teacher for fifteen years. Hanes currently resides in New York City with her husband and cats, Moss and Lily.

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Author Lynn Hammond

When summer hits I am packed every weekend heading to North Myrtle Beach. I stay in a little place called Little River, my grandmother owns a double wide there. Since I was born I have been a beach bum. What’s more relaxing then sitting on the ocean all day listen to the waves with bunch of snacks and drinks?

At night time, we head to the Tanager Outlets, Barefoot Landing, or the game rooms on the strip. We usually walk across the street to the little fair and get on the Scrambler. Yep, I love going around in circles until I am dizzy.

The best restaurants to eat at are in Little River. We head down to Crab Catcher’s on the Waterfront, eat out on the deck, and watch all the boats come in and out of the canal.

I love to stay busy and take my kids places. Life is to short not to enjoy life so I make the best of it.


Title:Alaskan Love Voyage
Author/pen name: Lynn Hammond

Genre:  New Adult

Publisher: Lynn Hammond

Date of Publication:  12-7-2017

ISBN: 1981651144

Number of pages: 91
Word Count:  22,061


Bartender Keegan Rivers, full-time college student, takes an Alaska cruise to enjoy the scenery and see her sister. She leaves behind the hurt created by her ex-boyfriend from Charlotte, North Carolina. Keegan’s Christmas wish is to find hot sex on the boat, to forget all her worries.

Otis Collins is a college student not looking for love, just sex. He just needs a distraction from school and his teacher’s wife. While on his way for some holiday fun, he finds himself attracted to this sexy beauty with long auburn hair who comes to sit beside him at the airport.

After a few days of fun on the ship, Otis starts to feel more. Can a Christmas miracle unite two people who weren’t looking for love?



I’ve been in this tiny stateroom for one hour. When I got inside the room, there was only one bed. I picked up the phone and called downstairs. They told me that the beds will separate into two full-size ones.
After twenty minutes of getting the beds separated and our luggage put up, I am starving. I decide to call our friends and see where they are. They tell me there weren’t enough tickets left for everyone, so they decided to change their plans. They are going to celebrate Christmas with a road trip closer to home. Great. I guess I should have checked with them first. At least now I can spend as much time with Keegan as I want. I decide to see what she’s up to.
Me: Hey you ready to eat?
Keegan: Yeah, let me get some clothes on, and I’ll meet you at the elevator.
Me: Shoot, I am heading that way to help you. <3
Keegan: Maybe tonight.
She didn’t say no! I get a feeling that this girl is going to be hard to let go of when our cruise is done. She is beautiful, sassy, smart, and has a body with all the curves a man wants. I push Carl out the door, and we head to meet Keegan.
She is waiting right where she said. She has put on a pair of leggings with Christmas lights on them, and a reindeer sweatshirt. She has short, black Ugg boots on. The whole ensemble is really cute and accentuates her curves. When I get to her, I can smell a vanilla and cinnamon fragrance. She smells like a homemade apple pie. I am suddenly thankful our friends couldn’t make it. I wrap my arm around her shoulders and lean into her.
“Tonight, I am going to eat the best Apple pie,” I whisper in her ear and she shudders. Let the games begin.
We all get on the elevator and push the third-floor button. Carl is staring out the glass window, talking about the hot women he saw while walking in front of the slot machine room. Neither of us is paying any attention to him. Keegan has melted against me, snuggling her head on my chest. All I can think about is getting her in bed and showing her she’s mine.
The elevator stops, and we walk out, heading toward the dining area. Tonight is steak and lobster. There are already people standing at the door, waiting to be seated. After about fifteen minutes, we are taken to a table. We are sitting with other people because the ship must accommodate everyone. As long as no other guy sits with us, I don’t have a problem with it.
The waiter arrives to get our drink orders, and Carl motions for me to look behind me. When I turn around, I see a woman I recognize. She is wearing a little, formfitting, red satin dress and is heading towards our table. She sits down beside me and starts talking to the man on her other side.
I suddenly realize who she is, and my heart skips a beat. Shoot! Breathe. That’s what I need to do. That was my professor’s wife I slept with. She has changed her hair from dark brown to light brown with auburn color streaks. This cannot be happening. I look over to Carl, who is laughing quietly at the table. Keegan has now turned to him and is asking what’s so funny. I can feel the sweat running down my back. I open my phone and text him.
Ding. He hides the phone under the table before looking at it.
Otis: Man, we got to find another table.
Carl: Hell no, this place is packed and I am hungry. Just don’t make eye contact with that woman. If she says anything to you, pretend you didn’t hear her.
Like that’s gonna help. I slide my chair closer to Keegan and wrap my arm around her shoulders. The waiter arrives with our beverages. He takes all our orders and walks off to plug them into the computer.
“So, Keegan, what kind of job do you do?” I ask, keeping my attention on her.
“I am a bartender at Whisky River in Charlotte, North Carolina,” she says.
The woman beside me snorts, and then laughs. This is not making things easier. Keegan opens her mouth to say something, but I close it with my lips. She smiles. Crisis averted for now.
“During the day, I go to school. I am taking engineering classes now, and then I will transfer to do civil engineering,” she continues after our kiss.
The whole table gets quiet, and all eyes are on her. I am shocked that a woman would want to do that kind of work, and it looks like I’m not the only one. But somehow, it only makes her hotter.
“Wow! That is so cool. I think I am in love with you,” Carl beats me to it.
“Really? You’re going into engineering? That’s a man’s job,” the woman beside me says.
She seems really determined to insert herself in our conversation.
“I’m sorry, what is your name?” Keegan asks her.
I am now biting my tongue, praying it’s not Dina, or that she won’t talk about our time together.
“It’s Dina! The man beside you used to call me his angel in bed,” she says.
Shit! Keegan looks pissed. She stands up, throws her napkin down, and excuses herself from the table. I watch her walk off, unable to follow. I am stunned. I don’t know what to do.
“Otis, I am so sorry I said that. I will get up and apologize,” Dina says.
“Hell no, stay away from her and stay away from me,” I say abruptly. Hasn’t she done enough harm already? I push out of my chair and chase after Keegan.
I find her halfway down the hall and start jogging after her. She turns around, and the look on her face is pure anger. Her cheeks are splotchy and her neck is streaked red. She holds her hand up for me to stop where I am.
“Look, I am sorry I got up and left, but what that woman said brought back some memories, and I just lashed out. I had a fiancĂ©; his name was Bishop. I walked into work a little early, one day, and he was having sex with my best friend in the supply closet. He told her she fucked like an angel,” she says, crying.
Now I understand her reaction. I walk over and put my arms around her, and just let her cry. I don’t understand why a man would want to cheat on her. I have known her for a day, and I want to keep her forever.
After a few minutes, she pulls away and wipes her eyes. “I am so sorry I fussed at you. It is not your fault, what my ex did. What you did, with that woman in there, is not my business.”
“That happened months ago, and I don’t really want to talk about it. I was being a punk back then, and I used her to get a good grade in school,” I say, hoping this is the end of it.
As we turn to leave, we hear Carl calling our names. He runs up, out of breath, bending down with his hands on his knees. You would think he ran a marathon.
“Hey, guys, were you going to leave me in there, with those crazy people? Hey, there is a pub restaurant one floor up. Let’s go try the Ultimate Skillet burger,” he says.
Why not? It’s not like we’re going back in there anyway, and we’re still hungry. I grab Keegan’s hand, and we head towards the elevator.
We make it to this place, on the next level, called The Salty Dog. We head in and take a seat at

Author bio:

Lynn Hammond works fulltime as a LPN but writes at night. She lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina. She is a RWA member. She loves to make children’s tutu in her spare time and any kind of Pinterest ideas. Every night before bed she takes time to read. She loves romance, paranormal romance, and erotica. She is a proud mother of three beautiful girls, two beautiful grandbabies, two boxer pups, two lizards, four ducks, and love spending time with her husband riding in her father’s old corvette. She is a new author writing New Adult romance and would love to hear for readers.

May 11, 2011 my life changed.

My father left my house on a motorcycle. 

About five minutes later we heard several different siren sounds.

An ambulance went down our road several times with the sirens on. My husband decided he wants to go find out what was going on.

That day I lost my father and I lost myself.

It took two years to recover from his death.

I went to a facility for seven weeks to do Cognitive therapy. These classes help recovery from PTSD. My assignment was "pick one hobby to do". I picked reading. After seven weeks’ I could read a whole book without distractions.

I have been reading one book every two days. I notice that this helps me relax and imagine myself in the romance stories.

When I started reviewing books on Amazon I notice the authors were sending me Facebook request. I really enjoyed talking with them, playing games on their sites, and just helping them with characters in their book.

I went to my first RT convention in Atlanta, GA. I decided why not try to write. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I ask several authors about my ideas and they loved it and encouraged me to write.

I like New Adult Romance because it is exciting. At the beginning adult stages, the teenagers are experimenting. They want to be grown-ups. As a teenager once myself you are so full of life and you have so many obstacles to face.

           I have a lot of stories to tell and one day I hope to get them all out. 

Thanks for Listen,

Lynn Hamond

Author website and social media links: 

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Author Sharon Ashwood

Visiting the Northwest Coast

I’ve been on a few big vacations, but the places I go most often are around where I live on Vancouver Island.  For those not familiar with the west coast of Canada, we’re about as far west as one can go without falling into the Pacific Ocean and far enough south that I can wave to Washington State from the end of my street.  My home city is Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Our climate is nice enough to grow palm trees here and there, although we get snow, too. We also get a lot of visitors because it’s incredibly beautiful.

Living on an island means taking a ferry or an airplane to get away and that can get expensive. When I want a getaway on a budget, there are plenty of places to go for a long weekend.   Seriously, we’ve got everything from surfing to glaciers here. I take a lot of my settings from this area—it’s easy because there’s so much variety.

I adore visiting sites like the Westholme Tea Company (yes, a tea plantation!). They have amazing brews (local and imported) as well as a funky pottery gallery.   Last year I visited on my way up to the Vancouver Island Music Fest, where I’ve gone for the last three Julys to bake in the sun and enjoy open-air concerts—and I’ve bought my tickets for this year, too. The drive takes me through some lovely agricultural areas, including a ton of wineries.

For something wilder, I go west. Here’s where one can visit some of the island’s famous old growth forests, including Cathedral Grove. A bit further on is the true west coast and open ocean. I’ve stayed in Ucluelet and visited Tofino and Long Beach, where there is apparently excellent surfing and storm watching (hopefully not at the same time!).

I’ve only explored the southern edge of the island and a few of the nearby Gulf Islands. There are many, many places I’ve not been yet. Some are geared for hikers like the West Coast Trail and a few are only accessible by boat. I’m not that ambitious, but there’s plenty to do for people like me who like to get their fill of nature’s beauty and then retire to the spa!  


Enchanter Redeemed
Camelot Reborn
Book Four
Sharon Ashwood

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne

Date of Publication: February 1/6 2018

ISBN: 978-1335629487

Number of pages: 300
Word Count: 80,000

Cover Artist: Brandon Allen

Tagline:  Ancient magic and new passion…

Book Description:

In the last battle for Camelot, Merlin had to make a terrible choice. Now he must pay the price. When a demon from his past reappears, she wants nothing more than to destroy the wizard. Now to reap her vengeance as a lover scorned, the demon occupies the body of Clary—the apprentice who is capturing his heart—and has the innocent behaving in uncharacteristic ways. Ways that push the forbidden desire Clary and Merlin share into heated play…

Harlequin       Amazon       BN      Kobo       iBooks

Other Books in the Series

Book 1 - Enchanted Warrior (RITA nominee)
Book 2 – Enchanted Guardian
Book 3 – Royal Enchantment


Clary jolted awake. Power surged through her body, painful and suffocating. Her spine arched into it—or maybe away from it, she wasn’t sure. Merlin had one hand on her side and the other on her chest, using his magic like a defibrillator. The sensation hammered her from the inside while every hair on her body stood straight up. When he released her, she sagged in relief. A drifting sensation took over, as if she were a feather in an updraft.
Merlin’s fingers went to her neck, checking for a pulse. His hands were hot from working spells, the touch firm yet gentle. In her weakened state, Clary shivered slightly, wanting to bare her throat in surrender. She was a sucker for dark, broody masculinity and he projected it like a beacon. All the same, Clary sucked in a breath before he got any big ideas about mouth-to-mouth. If Merlin was going to kiss her, she wanted wine and soft music, not blood and the dirty workshop floor.
Another bolt of power, more pain, another pulse check. Clary managed a moan, and she heard the sharp intake of Merlin’s breath. His hand withdrew from her pulse point as she forced her eyes open. He was staring down at her with his peculiar amber eyes, dark brows furrowed in concern. She was used to him prickly, arrogant or sarcastic, but not this. She’d never seen that oddly vulnerable expression before—but it quickly fled as their gazes met.
“You’re alive.” He said it like a fact, any softness gone.
“Yup.” Clary pushed herself up on her elbows. She hurt all over. “What was that?”
“A demon.”
“I got that much.” Clary held up her arm, peering through the rents in her jacket where the demon’s claws had slashed. Merlin’s zap of power had stopped the bleeding, but the deep scratches were red, puffy and hurt like blazes.
“Demon claws are toxic.”
“Got that, too.”
“I can put a salve on the wound, but you’d be smart to have Tamsin look at it,” Merlin said. “Your sister is a better healer than I am.”
“She’s better than anybody.” Clary said it with the automatic loyalty of a little sister, but it was true. “She’s got a better bedside manner, too.”
Merlin raised a brow, his natural arrogance back in place. “Just be glad you’re alive.”
She studied Merlin, acutely aware of how much magic he’d used to shut the demon down. He looked like a man in his early thirties, but there was no telling how old he actually was. He was lean-faced with permanent stubble and dark hair that curled at his collar. At first glance, he looked like a radical arts professor or dot-com squillionaire contemplating his next disruptive innovation. It took a second look to notice the muscular physique hidden by the comfortable clothes. Merlin had a way of sliding under most radars, but Clary never underestimated the power he could pluck out of thin air. She was witch born, a member of the Shadowring Coven, but he was light years beyond their strongest warlocks.
That strength was like catnip to her—although she’d never, ever admit that out loud. “What were you doing?” she demanded, struggling the rest of the way to a sitting position.
“I was watching the demons through a scrying portal when you interrupted me.” His tone was precise and growing colder with every syllable. Now that the crisis was over, he was getting angry.
“The she-demon tried to kill me.” Clary’s insides hollowed as the words sank home. Dear goddess, she did kill me! And Merlin had brought her back before a second had passed—but it had happened. Her witch’s senses had felt it happen. The realization left her light-headed.
“She doesn’t get to have you,” he said in a low voice.
Their gazes locked, and something twisted in Clary’s chest. She’d been hurt on Merlin’s watch, and he was furious. No, what she saw in his eyes was more than icy anger. It was a heated, primal possessiveness that came from a far different Merlin than she knew. Clary’s breath stopped. Surely she was misreading the situation. Death and zapping had scrambled her thoughts.
“I shouldn’t have walked in on you.”
“No, you shouldn’t have,” he said in a voice filled with the same mix of ice and fire. “You’d be a better student of magic if you paid attention. You asked me to teach you proper magic and not the baby food the covens use. Real magic is deadly.”
Abruptly, he stood and crossed the room to kick a shard of agate against the wall. It bounced with a savage clatter. Clary got to her feet, her knees wobbling. He spun and stormed back to her in one motion, moving so fast she barely knew what was happening.
He took her by the shoulders, the grip rough. “Don’t ever do that again!”
And then his mouth crushed hers in a hard, angry kiss. Clary gasped in surprise, but there was no air, only him, and only his need. She rose slowly onto her toes, the gesture both surrender and a desire to hold her own. She’d been kissed many times before, but never consumed this way. His lips were greedy and hot with that same confusing array of emotions she’d seen a moment ago. Anger. Fear. Possession. Protectiveness.
Volatile. That was the word she’d so often used in her own head when thinking about him. Volatile, though he kept himself on a very short chain. Right now that chain had slipped.

For the first two chapters, click here:

About the Author:

Sharon Ashwood is a free-lance journalist, novelist, desk jockey and enthusiast for the weird and spooky. She has an English literature degree but works as a finance geek. Interests include growing her to-be-read pile and playing with the toy graveyard on her desk. As a vegetarian, she freely admits the whole vampire/werewolf lifestyle fantasy would never work out, so she writes paranormal romances instead.

Sharon lives in the Pacific Northwest and is owned by the Demon Lord of Kitty Badness.

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