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Author Terry Segan

Pacific Coast Highway—need I say more? For anyone who even remotely craves the place where ocean meets land, this is the road to travel (officially called California State Route 1). While our chosen mode of transport is a Victory Cross Country touring bike (for those not enlightened, it’s a pretty, red motorcycle), driving any type of conveyance along this road is worth the trip. Last Fourth of July weekend, however, we discovered a new twist (literally) traveling the coast of central California.

Just south of Big Sur, the PCH remained closed due to landslides. Heading to Paso Robles for wine tasting, we chose Nacimiento-Fergusson Road through the Santa Lucia Range, reaching an elevation of 2,780 feet. The road is described as well-paved and winding with precipitous drops—translation: no guard rails. The sensation of being terrified and excited all at once is what this journey instills. Calling it a two-lane road is a stretch, but the amazing view of the ocean and surrounding forest is worth the cheek-puckering ride. Being a passenger, my writer’s mind was fully engaged, and snippets of those thoughts will appear in my next book. It helped knowing there would be a glass of cabernet on the other side. Oh, the lengths I go to further my craft!


Title: Photographs In Time
Author/pen name: Terry Segan

Genre:  Mystery, Time Travel, Romance

Publisher: Amazon KDP

Date of Publication:  November 5, 2018

ISBN: 9781731202079

Number of pages: 311
Word Count:  97,000

Blurb:  What if the love of your life was born decades earlier?

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Trying to reason with the distraught woman before me, I attempted a brief explanation of the process that led her to this time. “Amanda, somehow the Collector got this one wrong. All of the men are supposed to be thoroughly checked out and cleared as Suitors.”
            Amanda snapped her head back and glared at me. “Collector? What Collector? You’re not making any sense.”
            “Please, we’ve only got minutes left. The Collector interviews and researches the history of the men for a match then I, as the Photographer, match a Betrothed with an appropriate Suitor. Somehow, the photographs got switched. I didn’t know he was an imposter. Amanda, we can talk about this later. There’s too much to explain. Trust me. You’re in danger, Ronald isn’t the man he seems to be.” Why couldn’t I have found her sooner? I don’t blame her for not wanting to believe me. I needed more time.
“Amanda, honey, you have to come back with me now,” I implored the young woman.
            “But you said I belong here. Ronald is my perfect match. Sami, you can’t dangle that in front of me then snatch it away. You just can’t!”
            Taking Amanda’s hands in mine, I tried again, “Look at me, honey. You must believe me. I was wrong about Ronald. He isn’t who we think he is at all. Please, we’re running out of time. I had twenty-four hours to find you and time is almost up. We only have eleven more minutes.”
            “How could you be wrong? Ronald is a sweet and loving soul. I knew from the moment I gazed into his eyes. All I saw there was love—for me!  Nobody has ever looked at me the way he looks at me.”
            “We have to leave now. I will explain more when we get back.”
            “Back!? Sami, I’m not going back.” Panic crossed her features, and she yanked her hands out of mine. Eyes widening, she looked around as if surrounded by wild animals poised to pounce. “No. I won’t lose everything.”
            A lock of silver hair drifted across my cheek as I risked a glance at my Timex. Tucking the strand behind my ear, I see my window slipping away. Only eight minutes left. It had to be enough.
            Closing my eyes a moment, I searched for the right words to get Amanda to listen to reason—a tough sell in this already bizarre situation. I had to try. I wouldn’t lose another one!
            Gently, I reached out and took Amanda’s hands again. I wasn’t completely sure this would work, but if we stayed firmly connected, we should both be transported. Theoretically, my Collector said this would work. He himself had never done it before, but he knew of another who had tried. Unfortunately, that Collector loosened his grip at the moment of departure and only a portion of the other traveler returned with him.
Even if Amanda didn’t believe me, I could keep talking and hope she wouldn't realize my plan. Suddenly the clock slowed. A moment ago, time moved swiftly, yet now when I needed it to expire, the minutes lagged. I mentally willed Amanda, Just stay connected.
The younger woman looked lost—the effect exaggerated with her short, oversized dress cinched in at the waist, engulfing her petite frame.
Luck had been on my side. I found Amanda at the bed and breakfast she set up residence in while being courted by Ronald. We always required the Suitor to offer a safe living space for the Betrothed for three to six months during their courtship.
Getting her alone without drawing the attention of the innkeeper came easily. I wore an outfit befitting the time period and blended in well. We found Amanda nestled on a couch, paging through a copy of Good Housekeeping Magazine dated June 1963, the current month. It featured a picture of a woman wearing a bathing cap that looked like a head of lettuce.
Since she obviously recognized me, the proprietor had discreetly allowed us privacy and left the room.
The moments ticked down. “Honey,” I played for time, “I know you had your hopes up, and this can all be set right.” Only seconds remained. All I had to do was hold tight and keep her attention focused on me.
The younger woman’s breathing slowed as my sense of forced serenity washed over her. The tense crinkles on Amanda’s forehead smoothed.
Risking a glance at my watch, I saw the second-hand pass nine and then ten. Ten seconds to go.
“Amanda! Who is this woman?” demanded a stern looking man from the study door, his six-foot two-inch stature filling the frame. “What is she doing to you?”
Whipping her head around, Amanda snapped her hands from my grasp. “No,” I screamed, as I stared into those now familiar, icy blue eyes.
A menacing smile spread across his face, looking even more demonic beneath his red hair. He mouthed the words, “You lose again.”
I lunged forward in a desperate effort to grab the younger woman back to me. Despite my sixty-two years, I was as agile as I had been at forty-two. But it didn’t matter. Time was up.

Author bio:

Terry Segan currently calls the state of Nevada home. Most weekends she can be found riding backseat on a red Victory Cross Country Tour, heading for the beach, mountains or anywhere else her gypsy soul cares to wander. Exploring new places, be it cities or backroads, is a passion she shares with her boyfriend, who indulges these travel cravings every chance he gets. The musings conjured by her imagination while riding on the back of the bike can be found throughout the pages of her writing.

Author website and social media links:

Blog: Musings From the Back of the Bike –
Facebook Page:  Photographs In Time

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Author Tobie Easton

I’d wanted to travel to Greece ever since I first fell headfirst into Greek mythology in the second grade.  But it wasn’t until I was on my honeymoon, a few months before the release of my first book Emerge, that I finally went.  It was so worth the wait!

My husband and I began our adventure in Athens.  Absolute musts in Athens include the Acropolis (including the Parthenon and the Erechtheion) and The Acropolis Museum as well as the Agora. Mount Lycabettus provides amazing views of the city.  By far our favorite part of our time in Athens was our evenings spent wandering the Plaka, a wonderful neighborhood for dining, shopping, and simply strolling while taking in the lively atmosphere.

Next, we headed by bus around the Peleponese.  It was definitely worth it for us to book a good guided tour here because there’s so much rich history to learn as you go from site to site.  Highlights included Mycenae (incredible!), Epidaurus, Olympia, and Delphi.  I can’t even begin to describe how breathtaking and humbling these places were and how connected they made me feel to all the people who had walked there before me.

By far the most romantic part of our honeymoon was spent in Santorini, lying by the pool or the beach, taking hikes from Fira to Oia to drink in sweeping views, then having a sunset dinner in Amoudi Bay.  For a dash of excitement, we rode an ATV to Kamari’s black sand beach.  Let me just say right now that it’s totally worth it to get a massage on the beach—it felt self-indulgent at first, but I’m so glad I did it because the atmosphere made it the most memorable, relaxing massage I’ve ever had.

Finally, we went to Crete.  I’d been dreaming about seeing the palace of Knossos since I wrote a story about the Minoans for my sixth grade history class—and it was better than I ever could have imagined!  I still find myself thinking about it often.  The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is also a must.  When you’re done site seeing, Crete has gorgeous beaches!  I didn’t work most of the trip, but I did find myself writing a few romantic scenes of Submerge, the second book in the Mer Chronicles series while on a beach in Crete.

If you’re looking for a trip that’s a perfect mix between history, site seeing, and relaxation, I couldn’t recommend Greece more.  I hope you fall in love with it like I did!


Mer Chronicles
Book 3
Tobie Easton

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Month9Books

Date of Publication: March 19th

ISBN: 978-1-948671-23-1
ASIN: 1948671239

Number of pages: 396

Cover Artist: Beetiful Book Covers

Book Description:

Immerse is the spellbinding and breathless final installment of the Mer Chronicles series where descendants of the Little Mermaid must face deadly magic, shifting alliances, and the dangers of forbidden love.

Lia can’t wait for her parents’ coronation. Now living in the sparkling palace beneath the waves, she sneaks off to Malibu whenever possible to see Clay. Tucked away in an abandoned seaside mansion, Lia and Clay devise a plan to ensure they can stay together forever.

But when an old enemy resurfaces and Lia is restricted to the palace for the safety of all Merkind, she and Clay are ripped apart once more.

She fears not only for Clay, but for her best friend Caspian, who seems to be swimming down a dangerous path. He has invited the conniving Melusine to the coronation ball, convinced she’s capable of change. And no matter how hard Lia fights it, showing up on Caspian’s arm is just the start of Melusine’s insidious return to her life.

With threats Below growing more ominous by the day and a powerful ancient ritual looming, soon the two girls can’t escape each other. As their fates grow increasingly intertwined, Melusine might be the only one who can help Lia find the answers she desperately needs to save everyone she loves and to achieve her happily ever after. But can Lia trust her?

I wish Clay were here to see this. The thought flits through my mind again and again. When my family and I swim through the sparkling entrance of the palace, I wish I could grab his hand. As we’re greeted by hundreds of nobles swishing their tails in applause, I imagine the excited words he’d whisper in my ear. And as we start down the center aisle toward the thrones at the other end of the cavernous chamber, I yearn to show him how beautifully this room has been restored since he and I were last here.

Approaching the thrones, we process over an exquisite mosaic made up of abalone, mother of pearl, and troca shell pieces. It takes everything in me to keep my face neutral, to keep my head lifted and my sunbeam crown upright. This is the spot where, not so long ago, Clay risked his life to save mine. I glance around me at the splendor and the celebration. Clay’s sacrifice made today possible, and he’s not even here to see it.

About the Author:

Tobie Easton was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, where she’s grown from a little girl who dreamed about magic to a twenty-something who writes about it. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of Southern California, Tobie hosts book clubs for tweens and teens (so she’s lucky enough to spend her days gabbing about books). She and her very kissable husband enjoy traveling the globe and fostering packs of rescue puppies.

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Author Kay Phoenix

I am passionate about travel, and I believe it opens the mind to new experiences.  

Like...riding camels.  

Over the New Year's holiday, my family and I took a seven day cruise on the Mexican Riviera and one of the amazing things we did was ride camels on the beach in Cabo San Lucas.  

Camels in Mexico? We found out that these particular camels lived a very pampered life, working only 3 days a week, if that.  They were each rescued from dire situations, and by their lovely personalities, you'd never guess it.  I am a total animal lover, but I never realized how beautiful a camel's eyes were until I was looking into them from inches away, marveling at the fact they have three sets of eyelashes. Talk about a flirtatious animal with three sets of lashes to bat!

Another highlight of the trip was a visit to a sea turtle sanctuary in Mazatlan where we learned how they have been able to bring the population of that particular breed of sea turtle (I blame tequila for the fact I can't remember the name of the species) back up to non-threatened status. Bravo!

Cruising is a great way of travel. You unpack once and get to experience multiple destinations from a big, moving hotel. Plus, there's no better way to sleep, in my opinion, than being lulled to dreamland by the gently rocking ship while listening to the soft waves.  


Title: Steele and Stone
Series: The Daring Hearts series, Book 1
Author:  Kay Phoenix

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Date of Publication:  November 2, 2016


Number of pages: 133

Word Count:  42,000


Elle Thompson was raised in Denver. She paints. She hikes. She knows how to avoid cougar attacks.

The only cougars Michael Williams usually worries about are the ones that wear leopard print leggings on 5th Avenue.

But, when his acquisition firm sets its sights on Elle's family business, his tidy life goes awry. As things unravel, so do all his preconceived notions of love and what makes a perfect partner.

Buy link:


     “So, how are you feeling today?” a familiar voice asked behind him. He didn’t have to turn to know who it was, but he turned anyway, temporarily forgetting about his sunburn until he saw the shocked expression on her face.
     “Whoa! No sunblock either? I had some, you could have asked,” she giggled. “That’ll peel for sure.”
     Blue! Brilliant, shimmering blue eyes. He hadn’t seen her eyes during their hike, as they’d been hidden behind sunglasses the whole time, and he’d always been a sucker for blue eyes. Her blonde hair hung long, loose and wavy as she leaned casually against the door frame.
     “I see you’ve already made yourself quite at home,” she said. “Randall told me he let you use the conference room.”
     “What are you doing here?” he asked in a tone that sounded a bit too firm.
     “Oh, no ‘How are you?’ or ‘Nice to see you?’” She tilted her head to the side, causing a loose curl to graze her breast.
     He turned back to the coffee. “I didn’t mean to sound rude. You just surprised me.”

Author bio:

Ms. Phoenix is a rare bird herself...a lifelong resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. She belongs to Las Vegas Romance Writers and has served on the board for several years. She is also a member of Romance Writers of America with PAN status.

Prior to writing, Kay was a Graphic Artist for fifteen years in the casino industry and holds degrees in both Graphic Arts and Psychology. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, traveling and photography. She is also involved in several Las Vegas non-profits, and is the current Chairman of a popular, long-running, local art show.

Kay has been blessed to be able to travel many places, which inspired her to host a weekly author spotlight called “Midweek Escapes” on her blog. It features guest author’s favorite vacation destinations, their travel tips, and, of course, information about their book releases and occasional giveaways.

Author website and social media links:


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Author Lori Zaremba

I have many favorite vacations spots; however, there is one that intrigues me enough to keep me returning every other year, and that is Ocean City, New Jersey.

You may assume I like visiting there because of the lovely beaches, great restaurants and proximity to the sinful delights of Atlantic City… and you would be correct. But the real reason I enjoy visiting Ocean City because not only do I get to bond with my sister but I also get to be among the dead.  Yes, you read this right… the dead.

Most people do not know that Ocean City, New Jersey is one of the most haunted places in America. Visit The Flanders Hotel or the Inn The Gardens B&B, where other guests and I were kept awake by pesky spirits shaking the bed, constant chatting and repeatedly knocking on the door. Imagine the conversation over breakfast with other patrons about the ill-behaved children running up and down the hall all night, only to learn that no children were in attendance.

A place to visit- Absecon Lighthouse, near Atlantic City, the sight of a shipwreck that killed 311 passengers. The lighthouse overlooks Absecon Inlet, nicknamed Graveyard Inlet. Locals claim to see much paranormal activity there.

This location has inspired my second book in the Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter series, Case Two- The Kept. The story takes place at The Ocean Bluff Inn, a fake Inn on an imagined beach between Ocean City NJ and Atlantic City.


Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter

Case One -The Deceit

Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter

Book One
Lori Zaremba

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Publisher: Limitless Publishing

Date of Publication: 2/12/2019

Number of pages: 337
Word Count: 78500

Tagline: Some secrets are meant to stay buried.

Book Description

My job? I hunt ghosts. Not to prove they exist—because I already know they do—but to figure out why they’re still here.

My first big case leads me to a mansion on the Chicago Gold Coast, the previous home of a wealthy socialite who lived there until she accidentally fell to her death in 1927.

I’ve never been this determined—and excited—to solve a case like this one before. Pity I’m forced to work alongside a man whose sole purpose is to debunk paranormal activity. But the worst part? He’s gorgeous, and the more we work together, the more I realize I might be falling for him.

Together we’re delving deeper and deeper into the spiritual world. But the more secrets we uncover, the more pissed off these ghosts become; and that’s when I start to realize…we might be in way over our heads.


Looking once again across the table at Jason, she noticed he was listening to his two-way radio.
“I’ll go check it out,” Trudy heard him say as he excused himself.
“Is everything all right?” Paul started to rise from the dinner table.
“Everything is fine. Sit and relax. I have to go and check one of the cameras.” Jason slipped from the room.
Trudy caught up to him at the base of the stairs. “What’s going on?”
He looked at her warily. “One of the cameras on the third floor caught the door of your room slamming shut.”
“Oh, I left it open for the dog when I came down to dinner.”
“Jasmine?” He raised a questioning brow as he referred to the golden retriever who was sound asleep under the dining table.
“No.” She bit her lip and tried not to laugh at his puzzled expression. “I left it open for the other dog that was whining and scratching at my door.”
“Oh, I see, the imaginary one,” he quipped, climbing the stairs two at a time. Trudy was almost at a sprint to keep up, careful not to slip in her high heels. They finally reached the third floor. The air was so thick that Trudy could barely move her legs and felt the hair on the back of her neck rising in warning.
“Shhh. Did you hear that?” A door slammed from inside her room.
“What the hell was that?” Jason said as he reached for the door, looking down at her.
“It’s probably just a little mouse,” she said, causing him to frown down at her before slowly turning the knob.
They entered the room as quietly as possible, and a blast of frigid air struck them. Jason reached over to flip the switch for the light. Everything was normal. They quickly searched the room for any signs of a disturbance. The room was just as she left it, and the door to the bathroom was open as before. She couldn’t figure out what made the slamming noise that they heard.
“Uh, were you typing an email earlier?” Jason asked, looking at her laptop.
“Oh, yeah, to my mom. I forgot.”
“You better take a look at this.”
Trudy looked at the screen and saw her email was
still up. She had written, “Hi, Mom. We’re at the house. All is well. Please...” That was where she stopped when she’d been interrupted by a phone call, and that was where it looked like the email went wild with,
The two letters repeated the whole way down the page. “How is that possible?” she questioned.
“Maybe your keys are stuck.” He bent down to get a better look at the keys then tapped them to see if they were sticking.
“Please, there’s nothing wrong with the keys. Someone was playing.”
She rolled her eyes. “I’m not talking about a human.”
“You think a ghost did this?” Humor danced around his mouth as he tried to keep from smiling.
“Well, it certainly could be a possibility, and it is the reason we’re here.”
“Not we, you. I’m here to look at things rationally.”
“Rationally...really?” She was irritated, folding her arms over her chest and glaring at him. “What was rational about the events that led us into this room? And for the love of God, what was rational about what happened to you in the basement?”
Jason sat on the bed, elbows on his knees, and looked down at the floor. “I don’t know, but I plan to find out.”
She looked at him for a moment and could almost feel his confusion. He was a bit lost in all this chaos. She sat beside him and mimicked his pose. Trudy elbowed him on the arm, and the simple touch sent a thrill racing through her body. “I guess we have our work cut out for us.”

His gaze settled on her half-smile. “At least it won’t be boring.”
Her heart did a somersault. “Yeah, I don’t do well with boring.”
Feeling brazen, she leaned over and planted a quick kiss on his mouth. His eyes widened in surprise, and Trudy jumped up, grinning from ear to ear.
“Let’s go, Mr. Young. They’re probably wondering what’s happened to us.” She was halfway out the door.
Jason grabbed her hand before she could reach the hall and spun her around. His lips claimed hers before she could grasp what was happening. Trudy felt his hand on the small of her back molding her to him, while his other hand gently held her head. She felt a thrill like never before, and just as her knees started to give out, he released her.
“Better hurry, Gertrude. Wouldn’t want anyone to think you were trying to take advantage of me in this here grand bedroom.” He smiled into her eyes, and once again she was lost. She shook her head to clear it and get some control of her senses.
“We better go, or I’ll be taking advantage of you.” She laughed, and he did too. She loved the sound of it. She glanced over her shoulder. “I hope that damned camera of yours was turned off.”
As they headed out the door, Jason walking just behind her, he grimaced when he saw the red light on the camera on and grunted, “Oh, shit.”

About the Author:

Lori Zaremba is a full-time Internet Sales Manager and writes Web Content as well as providing Copy Editing for businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Lori has published short ghost stories on Your Ghost Stories, as the Haunted_Cleaner and on her website

On her website,, Zaremba refers to herself as the ghost magnet and briefly describes her encounters with departing spirits.

Lori began writing her fiction story as a creative offering of why a ghost would haunt.  Before long the story became a novel Case One: The Deceit in the Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter series.

Lori currently lives in the suburbs of Pittsburgh with her husband Wayne and two fur babies Jaxson and Stewie.