Saturday, November 5, 2016

My Sexy Saturday #MSS166

This week's "My Sexy Saturday" theme is "My sexy EX".  Huh?  What's sexy about an ex?  Well, in this snippet from my newly released book, "Steele and Stone", Michael has an encounter with his ex. What makes it sexy to me, is that he isn't a jerk to her, regardless of what she did to him in the past.  I think the way a man treats his ex says a lot about his character. 

He parked the Volt in his own driveway then walked the couple blocks to the diner. As he rounded the corner he was surprised to see that Sandra was already there. She sat at an outside table, her back to him, the sun glinting off her shiny, shoulder-length brown hair. Her hands were folded in front of her and her head was lowered, he presumed she was checking her cell phone.
He was somewhat alarmed to not feel the urge to turn around and leave at the sight of her. Instead, he walked to her and she turned. Her face was shrouded with a worry he’d never seen, and she forced a smile.
“Hello Sandra,” he said, taking the chair across from her. He scooted it in and nodded.

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