Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Sexy Saturday

      My Sexy Saturday ( ) has provided a great place for authors to showcase snippets of their works.  7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs. 

      This week I'm sharing 7 paragraphs from my WIP "Mountains and Skyscrapers" ...
     At her door she turned to him, her face square with his chest and before she knew it he had pulled her to him, his chin resting on top of her head.  She wrapped her arms around his waist.  He smelled like Ron and it was familiar and comforting, yet she was acutely aware that he wasn’t Ron, her deceased husband, even if he wore the same cologne.  No, the man holding her was Michael, someone she had only personally known for a week, yet felt like she had always known him, somehow.  His hands moved to cradle the back of her head as he kissed her hair, then her forehead.  She tilted her face up to his and their lips met in an unsteady, awkward kiss.
     Elle’s heart banged against her ribcage as relentlessly as a high school marching band in a competition. And then, it happened!  She couldn’t help it.  It rose up from her stomach, carried by the butterflies and before she knew it, it had escaped her mouth. 
     A giggle! 
     “I’m sorry.”  She cleared her throat and bit her lip. 
     “Well, that hasn't happened since my third grade recess wedding.  Let’s try this again," He leaned in, and then just before their lips touched he leaned back again.  "No laughing this time, this is very serious business.”
     Even though she felt the beginnings of a nervous giggle, there was no way it could have come out.  His lips were locked on hers and somehow he had lifted her up slightly and backed her up against the closed door.  She was completely dazed by the time his mouth left hers, kissing a trail toward her left ear.  She braided her hands through his hair and tried to catch her breath. The bright afternoon sun shined in her eyes.
     “Cancel your plans tonight,” he whispered in her ear, and then kissed her below it.  She felt his intention press hard against her thigh, and it was thoroughly tempting.  She hadn’t had sex for two years, at least, and God, it sounded like a great idea! But…