Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Sexy Saturday

     My Sexy Saturday ( ) is all about sexy. Control is sexy.  It’s sexy to give up control in the bedroom.  But, in order to trust someone enough to give up that kind of control, you must first learn how to give up control outside of the bedroom, not just to them, but to fate.  In this snippet of my short story “The Plane Truth” ( ), Emily, who absolutely hates flying, gets a lesson from Aiden about giving up control when the plane they are flying in hits a bad thunderstorm.    
     “Do you believe in fate, Emily?”

     “What?” she asked turning to him, her brow creasing.  Was he going to get philosophical?  Now?  The plane dipped again and she swallowed hard, uncrossed her arms and clenched the armrests.

      “You can only have so much control over your life; the rest is up to fate.  You can control what you eat for breakfast, what you wear, where you live.  But, you can’t control certain things, like this airplane.  Sometimes you just have to let go,” he told her in an even, calming tone.

     The speakers came on with a crack and this time the plane hushed.  “Ladies and Gentleman, this is Captain Jim again.  It looks like this storm is going to be a bit of a bear on us.  We just got off the radio with Reno and they have cleared us to land due to unstable air currents in our flight path.  I apologize for the unscheduled landing.  We will wait out the storm and should be cleared to take off again as soon as it passes.  If anyone has connecting flights in Seattle, representatives will be standing by to accommodate you.”

     Emily turned back to Aiden hoping her fear didn’t show.

     “I bet dying next to me is the last thing you ever wanted,” he said with a half smile.

     Her mouth opened and closed a few times like a fish while she focused on something past his right shoulder.   She realized she wasn’t quite sure how to answer him.

     What happens next?  Well, their situation suddenly becomes much more intense, and their convictions are put to the test.  
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  1. Nice excerpt. I love the contrast between the storm outside, the plane and passengers in turmoil and the calmness of his voice. Glad I read it.

  2. I remember this story well, Kay!Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday. Hope to see you next week!


  3. interesting excerpt. i take it this isn't a book for those of us with a fear of flying... ;)