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Author Verlene Landon

I am a southern girl at heart and always vacationed at the beach, but sadly, I haven’t had a true vacation in a few decades, but I do live in an amazing vacation destination, Vegas, baby! I do enjoy mini-stay-cations and camping weekends.

There is always something to do, see, and listen to. And a lot of it is free. Plus, we have great spots right outside of Nevada, within a day’s drive for a fun outdoor weekend.

Not to mention, Vegas is an amazing inspiration. The weird is the everyday here and has inspired a paranormal series of mine I have been working on from when the Sahara still stood.

So, while I miss Buschwackers on the beach in Pensacola and spring break at Panama City Beach, I live in one of the best vacation destinations you can find.

Me and some of the family right across the state line camping. See, we do have water in the desert.

Two thonged “rock gods” street performers on Fremont, because who doesn’t need to see ass mid-week.

Me and my cousin atop of Rio. The Vegas skyline is beautiful.


Title: Inevitably Yours
Series and Book #: Imagine Ink book 4
Author/pen name: Verlene Landon

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Rusty Halo Books

Date of Publication:  July 6, 2017

ISBN: 978-0998126715

Number of pages: Paperback – 300 Kindle - 261
Word Count:  75,000ish


Love can be unexpected, but sometimes, the fall is inevitable.

Augusta is a carefree soul with the heart of an angel, the face of a pixie, and the body of a…pregnant woman?
When she decided to carry a baby for friends who couldn’t do it themselves, she knew she’d have to give up a lot—coffee, seeing her feet, and possibly even her chance at happiness with the man she adored.

John doesn’t thrive in chaos. Control and routine are more his style. Some might even say he’s anal. This way of life has served him well for decades, but he’s due for a change. That’s easier said than done, though, particularly when your motivation is about to give birth to another man’s child.

When old wounds reopen, sometimes clinging on to tight control is the best way to survive the ride. But when the only way to grasp the future is to reach for it with both hands, you have to let go of something.

Some things in life are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy.

(Although this book is the complete tale of a couple, I wouldn't consider it a stand-alone. For the richest experience, I recommend reading the series in order.)

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“Okay, look. I understand there is something we need to discuss.” Gus’ speech faltered as his chest encountered her back. His touch, his body heat scorched her very bones. When John’s inhale whispered along the nape of her neck and his shuddering exhale kissed the pebbling skin there, she experienced a glimpse of her own personal Heaven.
Trying to focus on her thoughts was about as effective as carrying sand in a sifter, as Francis would say. That peek into bliss cemented her need to postpone this conversation until later. A centering breath or two and she was ready to speak.
“Like I was saying, I know there is a discussion that needs to happen, but if you would indulge me this one last time…” Work-roughened hands skimmed down her arms to rest on her hips and robbed her voice once again. John’s exploration didn’t stop there, it continued as his hands made their way to the front of her hips.
The next kiss she experienced wasn’t an exhale, but the barely there grazing of lips softer than she expected, but exactly as she’d dreamed. It was so gentle and fleeting, she had to convince herself it actually happened. Before she knew it, the kiss-not-kiss was in the past, and John had laid his cheek against the crown of her head, while his hand slowly came around her belly and back to her hips, repeatedly. Gus focused her senses on another feeling, one of his growing erection against her back. His rather large…holy mother of God. She needed to not be focused on that. If she couldn’t drag her brain out of his pants, she might never speak again. Wouldn’t that be fabulous, rendered mute by a man’s cock.
“But I—”
John interrupted her. But this time, the emotions she heard were laced with arousal and tempered with defeat. “This sounds like a goodbye, Augusta. And if it is, at least let me touch you once. Allow me to bring you pleasure instead of pain.”

Author bio:

Verlene was born and raised in the south. Thanks to the military, she's traveled the US, but now calls Sin City home.
Self-proclaimed zombie apocalypse enthusiast, word porn peddler, human canvas, Manowarrior, serial grammar killer, rabid Bama fan, accidental dust bunny population specialist, and abuser of the word f*ck.
She's thrown live grenades, survived the tear gas chamber and forced road marches, but still thinks writing and publishing are more brutal.
She is currently publishing her contemporary romance series but has some other exciting writing projects on the horizon.

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