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Author Letisha Stanton

One of our favorite places to visit in this world is Syracuse New York. The main reason we started going there is because we have family there, but also, we feel that Syracuse and other parts of New York are underappreciated for its natural beauty. We usually try to make this trip around Thanksgiving so we can catch some snow, but not too much snow. The last two times we arrived, it was just after a new snow. Seeing the red Sumac protruding from the white snow with that bare fields stretching for miles and miles behind is a thing I can not describe. Standing at the window of my family’s farmhouse, it is like peering out into heaven.

Our kids often enjoy sledding and four wheeling up and down the many hills. A little known fact about New York, as well is the abundance of farm fresh fruits and vegetables. Heading to any corner store I can but all the ingredients for a fresh, home made dinner. The tomatoes, the corn, birds. There is an abundance of hunting and fishing. Most of the residents make it their job to know where the best produce can be found and in our case where the best hunting is.

Now, most people will tell you that the best way to get into New York is via airplane, especially if you live as far away as we do. We are from Charleston S.C., but I will always tell you the better way to travel is via vehicle. Traveling by car we are able to stop and see all the sites along the way. We will often stop at Farmer’s markets, to see hiking trails, to see the caves and to buy all the goofy tourist items from the areas we visit. Our favorite thing to buy roadside is honey. There is always a different flavor in all the different areas we visit.

In my novels, The Destiny series, you will often see the characters travel long distances across many scenes. I find I enjoy getting to know the areas my characters travel, not only via the web, but by traveling there myself. There are so many sites to see in the United States, so much rich history that has happened within the last two hundred years. I love finding hidden histories in small towns.


Title: Destiny’s Purpose
Series and Book #: The Destiny Series Book1
Author/pen name: Letisha Stanton

Genre:  Historical Fiction

Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing

Date of Publication:  March 11, 2015

ISBN: 1612525865

Number of pages: 290
Word Count: 136,000 


Chasing a freedom as big as the Mexican sky, Destiny Grey finds himself on the run from a cruel and unjust system. There is a life to be had in Mexico, if he is able to withstand the brutal climates, the Renegade Natives, the unforgiving land, and his own heart. Trinity Jones doesn’t help his plight when she shows up wild and half beaten to death. Unable to ignore her suffering, he decides to rescue her from her captors, and from the prison of her own mind. Soon he discovers, however, that she is the one who will rescue him.

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Trinity tossed the saddle aside and stormed over to him, this time standing on eye level with him since he was still sitting down. She put one hand up on her hip and one finger in his face.
"I know this man you have become is not the man I know you want to be. You are not even the same man who rescued me. What happened to you? How did you become such a coward?" she asked again.
He was tired of hearing that too. "You want to know what happened to me," he yelled. "You want to know what happened to me! You happened to me! I was dead when I met you! I was gonna deliver Jolene here, see her settled into a more secure life with a new husband, and then I was gonna fade away! Then you come along and I see you fightin' for yo life when you should be dead and it tore me apart! I saw another dead soul like mine only I knew you could fight for yo life. You survived when you shouldn't have ... I shouldn't survive," he finally stopped and shook his head.
"You've done somethin' to me and I can't undo it," he continued. "I want to push you away. I want Jolene to find a proper husband. I want things to fall into their rightful place so I can turn to dust and join Judith..."
He stopped talking as Trinity lowered her finger from his face and looked at him. She looked so vulnerable. "I don't deserve you in my life," he said honestly.
Trinity looked at him in a way she had never done before. The tender regard in her eyes nearly broke him. It was as if she really understood what he was trying to say, for the first time. She brought her hand up toward his hair and he flinched.
"Don't," he warned as he looked away from her. "I need to keep my distance."
She shook her head. "No. You don't," she responded. She was about to touch him again when he rose from his chair and nearly tipped it over as he backed away. She did not follow him.
"I never asked for you, Trinity," he said, looking at her small trembling frame.
"Do you know what I have thought all these months?" she asked him as she let her arm drop to her side.
He closed his eyes and shook his head. He tried to conjure an image of Judith but she was not there. Not even the ugly yellow nightgown would come to mind. All he could see was a scarred body he had kissed everywhere.
"I have been thinking all these months you saw my scars and then didn't want me anymore," she confessed. His eyes flew open at that statement and he saw a tear make its way down her face. He tried to keep the same refrain he had before, tried not to feel her, see her, but he couldn't do it.
He closed the distance between them in a few strides and picked her up into his arms. "How could you be so beautiful and ever think a man wouldn't want you," he asked smoothly.

Author bio:

I sometimes feel that as people experience a little bit of success, they tend to pull away from their readers. Sometimes it is out of necessity. There is so much going on with promoting, blogging, tweeting, and website building, it is dizzying. But I am also a person that does the laundry and makes fabulous dinners and takes my kid to gymnastics.  I have been writing for over seventeen years and my desire is as much the same today as it was way back then. I write for the readers. I will never get so busy that I forget that. I write these for you so that hopefully it will give you some encouragement or laughter or joy. Life is hard, and for me, reading is like my chocolate break from reality. I pray that is what you experience as you read these novels. 

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