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Author Linda Stiles Fox

Not so long ago, Linda and I were seated at the same table at a book signing, and you know how that goes - we ended up talking.

Also, there's more to the "vow renewal" story below than she lets on.  If you want to might have to get to know her too.  And trust me, it's a good story.  :-)


From the time I first began to write, it was always about love and romance and boy-meets-girl.  There’s nothing more thrilling than that first touch of hand or soft kiss on the lips.  And all of that takes on an even more romantic glow if it’s set on a beach with waves lapping the shore and sunshine (or moonlight) warming your shoulders.  I guess that’s one of the reasons my favorite journey was to the Caribbean.

On our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to renew our wedding vows.  We wanted it to be something quiet, beautiful and completely secret from family and friends.  Something just the two of would share and tell the story later.  Our choice of destination was Jamaica.  After a great deal of internet research, we decided on an all-inclusive resort, Couples Swept Away, in Negril.  This being our first island adventure, we had to take the word of cyber space and we were certainly glad we did. 

The resort was all we could’ve asked for and more…white sand, blue water, friendly people and all you could eat and drink.  Every night was a different function from cheese and wine intimate gatherings in low lighted dining areas to a wild and crazy beach buffet with dancing in the sand the final night.  That was my husband’s first experience with real seafood…muscles, clams, scallops and so much more.

Of course the best day of the week was the day of our renewal.  Walking barefoot down to the beach to meet my husband brought the same butterflies and jitters to my nervous system as the first time I said “I do”.  The resort played the perfect island music under an archway of flowers and fluff and ribbons while the officiate said all the right things…that is, as much of his words as I can remember.
When I think of those ten or fifteen minutes, I really only remember my husband’s voice telling me, once again, how much he loves me and that we would always live happily ever after…and we are!


Title: Forever Again
Series: Island Love Trilogy Book 1
Author: Linda Stiles Fox    

Publisher: Create Space

Date of Publication:  December 2015

ISBN: 978154075802

Number of pages: 439
Word Count:  116,256

Blurb: A Hawaiian romance peppered with a little mystery and intrigue.

Madison Reeves is eighteen, engaged and pregnant. Her fiance’, Brody Mason, has a great job offer that he thinks will help them reach their future faster. He leaves one night to make the connection with the new businessmen and never returns. Twenty years later, Madison receives an all expense paid two week vacation in the beautiful Hawaiian islands, but she doesn't know who sent it. Her son, Cody, convinces her to go on this new adventure and relax from her stressful job in LA. Sam Wallace is waiting for her at the gate when she arrives and seems to show up everywhere she goes during her stay. When her son unexpectedly arrives the day before his birthday after receiving the same anonymous vacation gift, Madison starts to worry. The very wealthy and handsome Sam not only wins her heart, but her son's as well and, just when Madison decides to relocate to the paradise she now loves, Sam breaks some shocking news. Twenty years ago, Madison promised Brody she would love him forever. Can she now find true love and make it last forever again?

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He stood in the crowd outside the gates.  The plane taxied in and came to a stop.  His heart was racing as the door swung slowly open.  The lei of white and purple orchids felt like lead in his shaking hands.  He watched each passenger approach the open door and then carefully make their way down the stairs to the tarmac.  Suddenly his heart slammed to a stop and the breath whooshed from his lungs.  She stood in the doorway looking down at the crowd below with anxious, almost fearful eyes.  Her auburn hair hung past her shoulders and the white of her business suit glared in the early afternoon sun.  Her purse hung at her shoulder and her hand fisted and relaxed around the handle of her briefcase. The deep, steadying breath she took was visible as she stepped slowly down the stairs.  She was here.

        He watched her descent and gauged the distance from stairs to gate.  As she walked forward, so did he.  Stepping in among the Hawaiian greeters with their arms full of leis for the tourists, he waited.  Then she was at the gate.

        He took two steps forward and stood in front of her. His voice was far from steady as he said “Aloha.”  Her green eyes looked into his, but there was no reply.  He reached out, lifting the lei.  She didn’t move.  It was only another step forward to place the fragrant flowers over her head and down to her shoulders.  Suddenly, the nearness was almost more than he could bear.  He needed to take her in his arms, to crush her to his body and whisper how much he loved her.  Her eyes flickered slightly as they looked to the soft white flowers and back into his dark eyes.  He commanded his arms to move, to reach out with the flowers and to restrain from touching her.

        Now, the blossoms lay around her neck and she lifted a hand to gently touch them.  The whispered “thank you” was all there was before she moved on through the gate and into the terminal.

        Sam turned slowly to watch her walk away.  The feeling of loss was overwhelming.  Of course, he would see her and talk to her and, hopefully, touch and hold her over the next two weeks, but, now, right now, it was like finding her and losing her all over again.  Giving himself some strict words of reproach and reminding himself that he would need to be patient, he began to walk.  He’d stay far enough away that, hopefully, she wouldn’t notice him watching.  He just needed to see her.

Author Bio:

I was born in Worcester Massachusetts and, after my first six weeks, was raised as an only child in Peoria Illinois.  At 19 I made the journey across the country to take up residence in California where I married and started a family.  Twenty-four years later, another move found me living  just outside the lights of Las Vegas Nevada where I  live with my husband Bill, our dog, two cats and numerous fish.  I’m very proud to be the mother of five grown children and can list my favorite pastimes as spending time with fourteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren as well as reading, dancing, cross stitch and traveling.  And I do love the traveling part!  I admit to having a few very safe addictions that include works by Sandra Brown as well as indulging in anything chocolate and playing silly Facebook games.  My motto to live by is and has always been “Every decision has a consequence” and my children will attest to that as they heard it often.   I happily give all credit to God for the courage and determination to complete and publish what I love to do.  Although my writing began at an early age, my first publication didn’t bloom until 2013 and I’ve been planting a garden of romance ever since.

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