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Author Kris Tualla

Please welcome Kris Tualla.  She is a mighty force for writers... often leading the way through uncertain waters.  She's tenacious, hilarious and real.  So, where does she like to vacation, and does it play a role in her books?  Yes, of course it does!


Today, May 17th, is Norway Day! It’s celebrted much like our 4th of July with hundreds of costumed parades and vibrant fireworks—and commemorates the writing of their Constitution in 1814.

My favorite place in the world to visit is Norway. I’ve been to southern and western Norway in July, and northern Norway deep inside the Arctic Circle in February. Both experiences were spectacular!

When I toured southern Norway in 2011, I made a side trip to the picturesque coastal town of Arendal—the home of my fictional Hansen family—which lies just 90 miles across the North Sea from Denmark. Recently Disney studios turned Arendal into “Arendelle,” and in the process fueled speculation that Anna and Elsa’s parents’ sunken ship was the same ship that Arielle explored in The Little Mermaid, a story written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Totally possible!

But I digress. Arendal looks nothing like the landscape in Frozen, but is beautiful in its own right, as you can see.

In 2015 I went to see the Northern Lights. This was #1 on my Bucket List and they did not disappoint in any way. I can’t imagine being able to watch this magnificent display nearly every night—providing 1) the sun dips below the horizon at night and 2) there aren’t any clouds.

Now I’m set to return a third time in July of 2017.

Norwegians almost all speak English (half of their signs and advertisements are in what’s becoming the “universal” language) and they are very friendly and welcoming to visitors. And—they love to talk about their homeland: its legends, myths, and history. Every time I go, I pick up new information and new story ideas.

Norway is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I can’t wait to go back.

It won’t be the last time I go, either.

Want to come with me?


Title: Enemies and Traitors
Series: The Hansen Series
Author: Kris Tualla

Genre:  Historical Romance

Publisher: Kris Tualla

Date of Publication:  March 2017

ISBN-13: 978-1539806301 
ISBN-10: 1539806308 

Number of pages: 366
Word Count:  106,000


Oslo, 1942 – Nazi Germany occupied Norway from 1940-1945

High school chemistry teacher, Teigen Hansen, managed to dodge Nazi attention until the day he was asked to sign Vidkun Quisling’s Declaration of Loyalty and swear to teach Nazi ideals. Mass refusal put 1,000 male teachers in prison. When they still refused, 500 of them were sent to a Nazi labor camp deep inside Norway’s Arctic Circle. When Teigen is released after seven months under frigid and grueling conditions, he immediately joins Milorg—Norway’s Resistance—and  becomes  part  of  the Royal Shakespearean Acting Troupe, a traveling group of resistance workers under cover.

Because of past experiences Selby Sunde hates men, so she has no problem “dating” Nazi officers and plying them for covert information. Her resolve is rocked when Teigen Hansen joins the troupe. Untrained yet determined, he never does what she expects—but always what’s right. As their Milorg assignments grow increasingly dangerous, it’s Teigen who saves her life as together they work to defeat Norway’s enemies & traitors.


Chapter One
February 9, 1942
Oslo, Norway

Teigen Hansen slid the paper across the worn top of the Oslo Secondary School headmaster’s desk. “Absolutely not. I will not agree to this.”
Overlærer Oskar Jung glanced sideways at the German officer wearing an expertly fitted Nazi uniform and hovering at the edge of his desk, but Teigen refused to look up at the man. He barely restrained himself from spitting on the officer’s shiny black boots.
Oskar focused his attention on Teigen and leaned forward a little. “You do understand that every teacher in Norway is required to sign this Declaration of Loyalty.”
Teigen kept his voice calm and his eyes level. “I have heard the radio announcements, yes.”
“And yet you are refusing?”
The light in Oskar Jung’s eyes did not match his stern tone. That intrigued Teigen; perhaps he was not going to be fired on the spot for remaining loyal to occupied Norway.
Teigen nodded slowly and quoted bits of the declaration—he wanted his point to be very clearly made, no matter how the Neanderthal in brown responded. “I am. I will not sign any declaration of loyalty to the Nazi regime. And I will not agree to promote my students’ understanding of Nazi ideology.”
The German officer cleared his throat. Loudly.
Teigen deigned to look up at the man out of the corner of his eye. “Perhaps you need a glass of water,” he said in perfect German.
The man startled, then glared at him and answered in the same language. “Perhaps you need to understand what is happening in the world.”
Teigen ignored the taunt and addressed his principal. “Are we finished?”
Oskar nodded as he carefully folded the unsigned declaration. “There will be a letter in your mailbox tomorrow stating that you refused to sign this.”
Teigen rose slowly to his feet. He straightened his back to make the point that at six-foot-six he towered a full half-a-foot over the glaring SS officer. “I understand.”
He turned to leave the principal’s office when the officer barked in German, “You have not been dismissed.”
Teigen waited, looking over his shoulder at the officer. “Was erwarten Sie von mir?” What do you require of me?
The German clacked his heels together and extended a stiff right arm. “Heil Hitler.”
The expected response was obvious, but Teigen was damned if he’d give it. He dipped his head, flashed a crooked grin, and answered in Norse. “Of course.”
Then he spun on his heel and exited the small office, closing the door behind him.

Author bio :

Kris Tualla, a dynamic award-winning and internationally published author of historical romance and suspense, has created a dynasty with The Hansen Series. An active member of Romance Writers of America, the Historical Novel Society, and Sisters in Crime, she was also a guest instructor at the Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing at Arizona State University. She often asked to speak about her journey – and her Norsemen.

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