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Author Mia Heintzelman

This week, I've hosting author Mia Heintzelman. Her stories are clever, character driven and have a lot of heart. She also has some children's stories.
Recently, I had a the amazing opportunity to visit Aulani.

What is an Aulani, you say? It’s Disney…in Hawaii. A bazillion star resort smack dab in the middle of Honolulu where the water is a misty shade of turquoise and the sand is soft and warm.

As soon as we entered the private gates—they might have been pearly—we were home. I could have left the resort to explore the island and the sites, but the moment I got leied, there was no other place I wanted to be. Aside from the beautiful accomodations and the infamous Disney touch, there’s a boatload of hidden Mickeys and water. My biggest decision each day was whether to float on the lazy river, cool in the pool, or soak up golden rays on the private cove beach.

On the Honolulu walk of fame, I met Mickey and Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Moana, and Stitch of the famous Experiment 626 Stitches. Within the resort there are luaus, gorgeous, but expensive restaurants, shopping, and live music lit by the stars and tikki lights. Did I mention that I had the daylights scared out of me by a real mongoose as I sat fireside? Only a slight heart attack.
Finally, and by no means the least, there is FREE childcare. Amen. Your welcome.

I’d recommend Aulani any day of the week. If you do decide to go, I have five tips to make your stay even better. 1) Make reservations for restaurants, activities, and excursions ahead of time. The concierge is the best 2) Visit the grocery store across the street on day one and stock the in-room fridge. Your wallet will thank you. 3) If the forecast says rain, don’t fret. There’s always a morning drizzle, then the rays come out. 4) Sunscreen like nobody’s business and 5) Don’t pack your schedule so tight that you miss the chance to soak it all in.



Title: It’s Got A Ring To It
Author: Mia Heintzelman

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Levi Lynn Books

Date of Publication:  10/17/15

ISBN:         978-0692504239

Number of pages: 266
Word Count:  91,677


Laila Smart was took a shot at the sweet life as a candy boutique owner, when the news of her ex's engagement sent her into a frenzied tailspin. Somewhere in between the dating and dashing, Laila must ultimately decide whether to keep looking back, or push on for love. 


As Lena and her entourage headed my way, I ducked under the fluffiest tulle contraption I could find, which looked more like a tissue and cotton ball storm than anything resembling a dress. As itchy as it was, I thanked my lucky stars for the cover.
Still in her comfort zone, she blabbed about her reception plans, “…and after the cake-cutting, it’s on to the candy station, followed by more photos, and a video montage before the dancing starts…” She trailed off again, but for some reason, the candy station stuck in my mind.
When she asked me to design the whole table for the station, I just figured I’d do it because she’s my sister. It hadn’t dawned on me that it could be another selling point.
I couldn’t believe it. To my annoying little sister’s credit—the one whose diet once consisted of paste and mud pies—I owed a debt of gratitude. The pieces to my presentation started coming together.
First, I would talk about my shop and all it has to offer then go into the whole candy station feature, and end it all with a bang when I pitched a color-coordinated candy line for brides.
Ooh, I wanted to do the happy dance right there in the middle of the bridal abyss, but the words that I had just heard the saleslady utter stopped the reel dead in its track. Rewind. What did she say?
“Myles Donovan called to say he’s on his way. He’s with the woman who’s in dressing room three,” she said to another consultant.
His name breezed nonchalantly from her as if it meant nothing. The man who has terrorized my life was going to be in the same place at any minute? My luck had never been that timely, or favorable.
I didn’t know whether to hide or stand at the storefront ready for combat. Settling for discretion, I pretended to be checking out shoe clips and tiaras, as if they interested me at all.
Their voices were low, but I heard them hemming and hawing about his rugged good looks. Not only was it completely tacky for them to be swooning over someone else’s fiancĂ©, but they were clueless to the nightmare of outlandish harassment he’s put me through. What type of sicko would want to marry him?
As if on cue, a woman floated out of dressing room three—to request a smaller size, no less. Not only was she mind-numbingly gorgeous, she was a skinny twig, too. For heaven’s sake, it was Barbie, anatomically correct in all her splendor. In pink and black lace trim La Perla, I was practically drooling.
At her beck and call, someone rushed in with clamps to cinch her dress. Once she was out of earshot, Wilma and Betty—the saleswomen—jabbered on about their hopes of seeing him again.
My mind was fixated on what I’d actually say to him. “Hi, I’m Laila, the woman, whose phone number you’ve given to every creditor in the world and personally asked to call me daily at the wee hours of the morning.” Something short and sweet perhaps, “Die.” Better yet, “I hate your guts, have a nice day.”
Right at a good part in the gossip, the chitchat stopped, and I knew he arrived. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Wilma losing all consciousness. Her arms fell to her sides. Her entire face turned red with embarrassment. By the time Betty clued in, they became drones. Slowly, I turned my head in the direction of their attention.
“Hi, I’m Myles Donovan,” the words sashayed from his mouth rhythmically, like a songbird. Could he be the same Myles Donovan? Betty and Wilma mentioned good looks, but I figured their taste in men would be directly related to their mediocre ratings in the looks department.

Author bio:

Mia Heintzelman (Neat), a Chicago native, has penned four books: The Black Words of Green Eyes (2000), Banana Split (2006), It's Got A Ring To It (2015), and most recently, The Boogie Bear (2016). Heintzelman has written editorially for local Las Vegas magazines, including The Las Vegas Weekly and Pulse Magazine. Currently, she is working on a romantic suspense novel to be release in later 2017.

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