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This week we're stretching our wings and welcoming Creativity Coach, Bonnie Kelso.  I've personally taken (and benefited majorly from) her ABC's of Creation course.  I highly recommend it for all creative types, and that certainly includes authors. Her guidance can bring you through any sort of creative blockage you may have, big or small.

Let's find out a bit about one of Bonnie's favorite places to get away...SEDONA, Arizona!

When Kay invited me to participate in Midweek Escapes the first place that came to mind was Sedona, Arizona. Sedona represents to me the mystical heart of the Southwest. It’s where I escape to when I need to connect with a parallel reality; where the unseen realm reveals itself to those who seek its wisdom. You too, can enter this magical realm if you go there with the balanced intentions of respect and openness.  What you will discover is guaranteed to inspire your inner creative child’s curiosity and wonder.

                I have been to Sedona many times. The last time I went it was spring and I was with my lover. We held one another under the rich full moonlight, standing on sacred ground infused with red rock energy. In Sedona, these energies are given a name. They are mother and father, feminine and masculine, giving and receiving, and they move in spiral patterns that flow clockwise and counter-clockwise. You can measure them with a heart-calibrated pendulum. You can feel them with the senses of your soul. They are ancient, as old as the Earth itself. They have been labeled many things over the history of this land, but today they are most commonly known as the vortexes.

                A vortex has to be felt in person to be truly appreciated. This is where your intentions of openness and respect will be tested. There are places where the vortex energies are stronger and more accessible, but sensitive souls can feel their presence all over the region. Vortexes are not limited to Sedona, they exist all over the world. The unique thing about Sedona is the collective consciousness that has been placed in the region by souls lifetime after lifetime. You can feel it when you first step out onto the orange-red sand. You have an instant understanding almost like experiencing déjà-vu, that this place is special.

                If you have limited time, walk out towards Bell Rock. The path is not paved, but it is not a difficult walk to the base of the formation. You can climb the slopes of the rock if you wish, but the energy of it can be felt all around, so it is not necessary to put your life in peril attempting to climb to the top. Always keep in mind that going down is often more difficult that going up. Be respectful of the environment and your own limitations. Without respect, you will receive little of the gifts this sacred place has to offer.

                Find a quiet place to sit and enjoy the majesty of the canyon. You will no doubt feel the wonderment I mentioned before. Lay the palm of your hand on the red sandstone and communicate with the energy it holds as you breathe deeply. Be aware of the sounds and scents around you. Tune into the natural power of all the elements that created this place. Sun, sand, wind and rain. If you begin to feel an energy exchange, then you are feeling into the vortex. Try not to question it, just go with it. You’ll feel vitalized afterwards, as if you were given an infusion of healing energy.

                After a hike and energy exchange with the vortexes, you will be hungry. I’m not kidding, working with vortexes burns calories! One of my favorite spots for delicious and moderately priced food is the Creekside American Bistro. They have an adorable deck with red rock views rising over Oak Creek. They have great vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options as well as a wide selection of beers and wine. I mean, check out this moonrise photo!!! Wow!

                As far as lodging goes, there are lots of ways to drop a wad of cash in Sedona for a first-class pampered experience, but if you live on a budget like me, you might enjoy the Arabella Hotel. This quirky, almost historic property, with its 1960s architectural style offers comfy (updated) beds, free breakfast, free bike rentals and an outdoor pool with a hot tub.

                For a truly unique experience in Sedona, I can’t write this article without mentioning Angel Valley. If you are still reading, you deserve to know about it. Tucked away from the hustle of the tourist’s path, lies a land in transformation. The property has been through some trials, but there lies it restorative energy. Angel Valley is cared for by two earth angels, Michael and Amayra Hamilton. It is often reserved for retreats, but when an event is not in progress you can stay there on the property and enjoy the amazing energies that reside there. Staying at Angel Valley, either under the stars at a campsite or in one of their lovely cabins with a moon viewing window overhead, is an experience of other worldliness. We were there on the property alone as the only guests, but yet, we were far from being alone at any point in our experience there. I can’t even show you any photos, because we found ourselves so immersed in the experience of the place that we simply forgot to take any. How amazing is that? That is when you know you have left the outside world behind you.

                Angel Valley is not for everyone, and if you want to stay there you will be undoubtedly screened by the caretakers. They simply want to make sure your intentions are in alignment with the respect and openness I mentioned in the beginning of this article. You can’t just book it on “” and you probably never will! If walking a labyrinth in the moonlight to the sound of an angel’s harp, shedding your clothes to swim alongside fairies, and communing with alien life forms as they creep up beside your open window as you sleep sounds like your cup of tea… then Angel Valley might just be your next midweek escape.

                Oh, and as for my lover and the embrace under the full moon, well, I’m not one to kiss and tell. But, one thing is for certain, Sedona offers a rich landscape of opportunities to inspire your heart and to restore your creative life.

Title: Vitalize Your Creative Life
Series and Book #: #1 of “Your Creative Life” Series
Author: Bonnie Kelso

Non-fiction, Self-Enrichment, Art, Creativity

Publisher: Amazon CreateSpace

Date of Publication:  ©2017

ISBN-13: 978-1540487520
ISBN-10: 1540487520

Number of pages: TBD
Word Count:  TBD


Coming soon! 

My book, "Vitalize Your Creative Life," is scheduled to be released in 2017. I'm so excited to share this work with you all. The book is based on workshops I've been conducting this past year where I've helped dozens of people to step into their creative power and embrace their own creativity. I encourage you to rediscover the creative inside of you by interacting with the book as if you were a child again. I include many Creating Exercises for you to try as well as journaling prompts to help you overcome your fears about creating and get back in a positive and productive mindset. When you sign up for my email list, you will receive a link to the first chapter, "Circles," as a PDF.

As one of my client's told me, "It's way more than a book, it's a movement!" So join the movement and start vitalizing your creative life.

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(from Chapter One: Circles)

Your Infinite Potential

Circles have been around for a very long time. They are a part of every human culture’s visual vocabulary, since man’s beginnings. Circles have strong ties to spiritual beliefs that transcend any one religion, making the circle an important member of the family of sacred geometry. Circles are powerful symbols of infinite potential. They represent the beginning and the end in one singular form. They are representative of completeness, wholeness and at the same time, everything you need to begin a journey.

Circles are powerful symbols of infinite potential. They represent the beginning and the end in one singular form.
            As you dive into the rich and diverse waters of your creative life, always keep in mind that the circle is your beginning point. Just like the circle, you are already a complete, whole person. You are enough right here and right now. There is nothing you need to add. Everything you need is within you. You are here. The experience of yourself and your life in this present moment can clearly reveal your infinite potential to you. There is no other destination you needed. You have already arrived, because you are here. This makes a circle the perfect starting place when beginning a journey of growth. Since the day you were conceived you have been in a state of growth. This growth has been physical, mental, and emotional. Growth is felt through sensations of restriction and expansion. Like the circle, growth can be infinite.   

Author bio:

Bonnie Kelso is a Creativity Coach, artist, writer, and Experi-Mentor at She writes a blog where she often shares her inspiring Creating Exercises for people to use in order to jump-start their creative thoughts. Currently she is finishing her first book, “Vitalize Your Creative Life.” It is the first in her “Your Creative Life” series and will be available soon. To be notified when it is released and download a free sample, sign up for her mailing list at

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