Thursday, October 20, 2016

Music You Love (week 38)

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge


Well, let me re-phrase it.  I don’t like modern country music.  So, with the exception of that, I’m pretty eclectic.  You’d be just as likely to find me rocking out at an Iron Maiden concert, as at a performance of the local bagpipe society.  There are many weekends that I’ve been known to dance like a goofball at a local 80’s band performance (I love the dorky 80’s music)!  When I’m upset or tense, I listen to the local classical station because I find wordless music soothes me.  When I’m cleaning the house, I’m listening to Prince or old school rap.

So, you see, I’m difficult to pin down in the music department.  It’s all good (ok, and SOME country is tolerable, haha).

Love and Peace,  


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