Monday, July 4, 2016

Someone You Got to Meet (week 26)

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

I got to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger once.  I actually got to sat next to him on a couch and eat dinner (my life is weird sometimes).

I was 21, and was working at an art gallery in Las Vegas.  He attended an event we held, and I did as well.  Our owner had a small buffet set up in his office for the workers to come in and take a dinner break during the event.  My time comes to take a break, I walk in and the only empty space to sit was right next to Arnold on the couch.  So, he must have seen my hesitation because he patted the seat.  LOL! 

I didn’t talk to him much that night, but it was a nice gesture on his part, and I get some bragging rights.  He ended up visiting the gallery a few other times, and I was surprised that he remembered my name to say hello when he walked by. WOW!  

A nice guy.
Love and Peace,  


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