Saturday, January 18, 2014

COVER REVEAL and "My Sexy Saturday"

 I have great news!  My novella "Borealis Ardor" will be released on February 7, 2014, with as part of their "Four Seasons of Passion" series.  My cover designer, Suzannah Safi of did a great job on the cover!

Here is a sexy snippet...
I had no business driving all the way from Laguna Hills, California to Arizona to see his grave in the state that I was in.  I didn’t know what was wrong with me but I was more forgetful and flighty that I’d ever been. It had only been two months since the accident, most of which I couldn’t remember.
I headed toward the grocery store’s fresh flower department, which was inundated with Valentine displays, but something on the bookstand caught my eye.  A man that looked alarmingly like David stared back at me from a book cover and I couldn’t help but walk over to it, so mesmerized that I didn’t notice the odd lady also browsing the bookstand.
 “Who really buys this crap?” the brightly dressed woman asked in an overly loud voice.  “I mean, seriously?”  She turned the cover of the book she held toward me, and staring back at me from amid hues of blacks, purples and greens, was the blue eyed, blond haired man with fangs and angel wings whose gaze had drawn me to the book stand to begin with. 
My Sexy Saturday ( ) is a place for authors to showcase snippets of their sexy works with 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs.


  1. Very descriptive. Makes me wonder about the man on the cover.