Tuesday, January 1, 2013

12 Lessons 2012 Taught Me

Some of the lessons that 2012 taught me were the same old things rehashed.  I guess they keep getting thrown at me because I haven't learned them yet.  But, some of them were new.  Some of them were random.  And some of them were left off this list, not because they are any less important, but because my brain is mac-n-cheese.  I’m sure I’ll think of a hundred more items later.
1.       The importance of BRAVERY.  Sometimes the lessons we need to learn take our whole lives. That’s why we are still here, even though some days are very, very dark.  We were brave souls to choose to come here to begin with, but sometimes, in these frail bodies, we forget that. 
2.       Life goes on.  I lost my grandfather on October 25.  I hardly ever say anything with certainty because I know that life will inevitably find some way to prove me wrong, but this fact I do know for certain… He was the bravest and best man I will ever know. 
3.       Aristotle’s theory of the “Unmoved Mover”, which I find fascinating. 
4.       I look damn sexy in a Chuck E. Cheese blow up crown.
5.       Life is unpredictable (I already knew this but it was reaffirmed).  I went on a hike to Mary Jane Falls up at Mt. Charleston and a rockslide occurred, sending pebbles and sand raining down on us from a high cliff.  They stung!  It could have so easily been larger rocks or boulders.  It was over in about 30 seconds and everyone scurried away unharmed, but it was quite scary as we had no idea what was going to come barreling off that cliff at us next.
6.       I have a facet joint problem in my hips which occasionally causes me excruciating pain.  Excellent. 
7.       Female desert tortoises hump each other.
8.       The power of truth. 
9.        Magic happens.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am a Disneyland nut.  I don’t care what some people might think of it, I love going there!  I was lucky to go there twice this year.  Once alone (which was actually kind of sad at first but ended up being one of the most magical times I’ve ever had there), and the second time with my sister (for her first trip). 
10.       I don’t like cream cheese in my sushi.  No sir, I don’t like it.  Makes me want to hurl.
11.       My limits in putting up with bullshit from people.  This was a fuzzy area before 2012, but I’m thankful that I reached my breaking point.  Now I know where it is, and that information is valuable. 
12.       That people really do like my art, and my writing.  As a creative person, I am extremely critical of my own stuff, as all artists are.  The past couple years I’ve decided to take some big chances, and they have paid off.  It’s scary, really scary, but it is so encouraging to know that people are genuinely interested in my creations.  I’m humbled…and terrified.
I wonder what lessons await me in 2013...


  1. By all accounts we are pruined to accept and be graceful as we age or as life goes on, but do we really have to? Are we keeping secrets to ourselves? Are they secrets?

    The power of truth only works if we are indeed truthful. To ourselves, our freinds and our maker. You see I to learned valuable or invaluable lessons about how far I may be pushed and why keeping quiet instead of standing up and putting people in their place is rewarding, humbling and it works.

  2. I have been on both sides. I have both stood up and put people in their place (knowing it was only my personal definition of where their "place" was - who am I to judge?), and I have also been the quiet observer. Truth is powerful, in whatever form it shows itself. And, it always shows itself.
    And that it what I learned - the simple fact that truth itself is powerful. And I am not.