Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Excerpt from "The Plane Truth"

"It's timely, terrifying and a great read," - Joyce Brennan, Author 
Here is an expert from “The Plane Truth”, available at:

     “So, how many plane crashes have you been in, Aiden?”
     “We’re not crashing,” he reminded her.  “We’re landing.”
     “Not helping,” she said and managed a small smile.
     “We’ll be fine.  And, after we land in one piece, you and I will have a drink together…to calm your nerves,” he said.
     He was her potential boss.  She couldn’t have a drink with him.  Or could she?  Just what was he asking?
     For a moment she forgot all about their impending doom and began worrying that she had bad breath.
     “A drink, at the airport in Reno.  You and me…” he started.
     Suddenly, a very loud bang rocked the plane slightly to the side and the cabin lights flickered.


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