Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's a Conspiracy!

My most recent Flash Fiction entry:
#ThursThreads - 
I was given a prompt to use the line “They take this seriously” in the piece, and a limit of 250 words.  This is also a snippet of "Under the Granite Lies", which is one of my paranormal works in progress. I was glad to be able to incorprate the prompt line. 
               Right before we got to the door I grabbed his arm.  “Aaron, I just, well…please remember that I never wanted you to have to know the things that you are about to find out."

             “Whatever I find out, I promise it won’t change the way I feel about you, Lauren,” he said. 
I clasped his hand as we walked through the house and down the hall toward the basement steps where the meeting room was.  “I can’t believe I’m walking through Camp David,” he murmured as we passed framed photos of past Presidents on the wall.
I knocked on the door, waited for it to buzz, and then pushed it open.  The room was empty, so we slid into two chairs in the back row.    
A few moments later, the door on the other side of the room opened and Dad came in. 
Aaron stood and saluted him, “Mr. President.”
“Please, it’s just Gerald here.”  He shook Aaron’s hand and patted his shoulder.
I imagined all the things Aaron might be thinking.  I was sure his mind was whirling with every possible scenario except the right one.    
The door opened again, and Victor came in, carrying a cardboard box.  He was followed by two guards, one whom we had seen earlier on the path to the garden.  They looked human enough, unless one was to accidently touch their icy cold skin.  
Victor wore a Coca-Cola logo t-shit.
“They take this seriously?” Aaron whispered.
“Oh yes.  Very.”  I assured him.
(photo of Camp David in winter, taken from Wikipedia.)


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