Thursday, May 17, 2012

Think Outside of the Box

Don’t we all live in boxes?  Comfy little caves that we were either placed in as a child, or designed for ourselves as the forces around us defeated our desire to stand tall?  Well, that’s a crappy way to live – all cramped and uncomfortable.  Barely room to move, breathe, stretch or even think sometimes.  The limitations are too restrictive.  And, who was it that put the restrictions there in the first place?  Was it a parent, parents, grandparents, or friends?  Or was it yourself, in response to social conditioning?  Was there a moment where you were so thrilled about something, a moment where your light shone so bright only to be extinguished by a mere word, action or thought of someone that you loved and respected?  I’m sure it’s happened.  It has happened to everyone.  None of us are truly alone.  If we could see outside our boxes, we would see that there are hundreds, thousands, even millions of other boxes lined up together, side by side, stretching to eternity. 

What would happen if we kicked the side off those boxes and crawled out?  I think we should.  We deserve to live in the sunshine.

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